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So You're in Charm City, better known to the uninitiated as Baltimore, and the question is what to do?

Well, that depends on you because your options are nearly unlimited! Even though Baltimore is a relatively small town, it has plenty going for it and places to go. So, take your pick. Opt for a "Stars and Stripes" tour, a sports spectacular, mansions and railroads, various and fun neighborhoods and the nostalgia of a port city; or how about sharks, schooners, and crabs, arts and culture, African American heritage, shopping from antiques to boutiques, family fun and adventure, or even a romantic getaway.


Here are some of Dishmag's top choices; regardless of your time constraints or your budget, Baltimore has plenty of special places and spaces to enjoy!

First of all, where to stay? Hotel recommendations include the Marriott Inner Harbor (you can see the Camden Yards outfield from the 10th floor club level lounge), or the new Marriott Baltimore Waterfront Hotel with 750 guest rooms on 32 floors, making it the tallest and largest hotel in Baltimore, right there on the water of Baltimore's Inner Harbor. It's across the street from Roy's Restaurant, one of my favorite eateries.

Another hotel favorite is the Harbor Court, ranked as the best hotel in the city. It's just across the street from Harbor Place, the festival market place that is the core of the Inner Harbor. Another relaxing and evocative choice might be the delightful Celie's Waterfront Bed and Breakfast

How about beginning with a delicious breakfast at your hotel, or walk a few blocks north to the historic Lexington Market and feast on all things good and sinful. Now walk to the Inner Harbor at Pratt and Light streets (south of the Market, east of the Marriott, across the street from Harbor Court). The South wing is filled with eateries and souvenir stands while the other wing has boutiques. Personally, I like sitting or strolling along the water's edge, just people watching, maybe munching on some Lee's ice cream and waiting for the specially designed boat that scoops up the trash from the harbor to keep it looking clean and beautiful. / Issue 24 - September 2018
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