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To find out more about specific shows click on the links below:

Part 1: Oxygen, Hallmark, USA, Sci Fi, BBC America
Part 2: HBO, The WB, UPN


ABC: Miracles (midseason)
CBS: CSI: Miami (Mondays); Robbery Homicide Division (Friday)
NBC: Boomtown (Sundays)
FOX: Keen Eddie (midseason)
UPN: Haunted (Tuesdays)
PBS: The Forsyte Saga


ABC: Less Than Perfect (Tuesdays)
CBS: Presidio Med (Wednesdays); Without a Trace (Thursdays)
NBC: American Dreams (Sundays)
FOX: Firefly (Fridays)**
WB: Everwood (Mondays); Family Affair (Thursdays)

** from Buffy's Joss Whedon - haven't seen it, iffy word of mouth, but Whedon is talented and feisty. This is the guy who did a Slayer musical, and another episode that was almost wordless.

Programming Note: Check your local PBS listings for the Inspector Lynley Mysteries starring Nathaniel Parker and Sharon Small, based on the Elizabeth George books. The twist on the polar-opposite police partnership is that Parker's Lynley, the handsome aristocrat paired with the working class sergeant, Small's scruffy, sharp-tongued Barbara Havers, won't fall in love. In a phone interview, Small says she can hardly remember how she first prepared to play Havers; they've completed four more series in the UK. But she understood this "character who has no awareness of herself as a woman. When Lynley and she are partnered, she goes to the toilet and she just cries.She knew they'd put him with her because he would not find her attractive, and that really hurts her." Eventually, Havers finds a way to relate to Lynley. "He is the first man who's ever listened to her.ironically, I learn to understand him more than any other woman. He frees her up to be funny, because you can only keep the class thing going for so long." Look for Small in "About a Boy," in which she plays Hugh Grant's gal pal. The beauty of it - you won't recognize her, which is just the way Sharon Small likes it. / Issue 25 - September 7824
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