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Flashback: England, 1959. World War II is long over, times are good and young, hip Brits want a car of their own. Enter the Morris Mini Cooper, a.k.a. the Mini. A small outside, big inside, trend-setting coupe. The hot Mini even starred in a few movies, most notably the Michael Cain heist classic, "The Italian Job". Rent it and see the classic Mini at it's finest. They even named the skirt after it, really!

Flash forward: Over forty years later and with almost six million "old Mini's" sold worldwide, America is ready to get it's first real taste of the legend.

Never heard of the Mini? That's okay, most Yanks haven't. The rest of the world has and soon the image of a Mini will be as recognizable on our shores as modern American classics such as the Ford Mustang and Chevy's Camaro and Corvette.

Now to the new Mini. It's a low slung, short, front wheel drive "retro-inspired" hatchback with a willing (but not too fast) one point six liter, 114 horse power four cylinder engine, powerful breaks, great handling and plenty of room for you and three of your girl friends or friend boys. All for less than Twenty Grand.

One note about the Mini, it appeals to all. It's boxy styling matched with it's tiny size seem to wet the automotive appetite equally, foregoing age or sex. Even I have trouble thinking of another car in history that exhibits this kind of across the board response. And the colors! Check out for the thirteen two-tone color pallet, from Silver, First Adopter, "Coin" and traditional "BRG Green" to "Look At Me I'm Famous", "Gotcha" Red and "Nacho" Yellow.

This is one heck of a cool ride, no doubt about it. The interior defies description, filled with old-world style chrome switches and large round gauges, with standard power windows, locks and air conditioning. There's even an optional high tech C.V.T automatic transmission and D.V.D based navigation system for those who can't stand shifting or asking for directions. You know who you are! / Issue 26 - September 2018
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