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According to Cougar: A Guide for Older Women Dating Younger Men author Valerie Gibson, in real life, a certain kind of hunger is part of the appeal that a younger man offers an older woman. “I want someone who is optimistic, full of life, got loads of stamina, very interested in sex, certainly non-jaded and looking forward to the future with optimism, which a lot of older people do not do,” she says of her own tendency to date younger men.

Baroness Sheri de Borchgrave agrees, “ I love to be in bed with a man and have the post-coital conversation involve where he wants to be the next year, and his dreams,” she has said. “Older men tell you about the post-mortem of what they’ve accomplished.”

Older Women dating, loving, and marrying Younger Men, once upon a time smirkingly referred to as “robbing the cradle”, now affectionately called “Tadpoling” (after the film Tadpole) has become quite a trend of late. What’s up with that? you might ask, and furthermore, Could it be a really good thing?

All of a sudden everyone seems to be fascinated with the idea of women getting involved with men who are younger than they are. A slew of movies - The Good Girl, Lovely & Amazing, Tadpole, Crush, Igby Goes Down - feature December/May couplings. Valerie Gibson’s new book, Cougar, absolutely revels in the idea and heartily encourages women to go after younger men. A more restrained book on the subject: Older Women, Younger Men, examines the ups and downs of such relationships. And both People magazine and New York magazine recently explored the hot new trend of women who are robbing the cradle - pointing out such celebrity pairings as Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie, (10 years difference) Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins, (12 years) Daryl Hannah and David Blaine (12 years). / Issue 26 - September 2018
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