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HoHo CHO! This lady is funny, and as the title of her new film suggests, off-beat to say the least, notorious, to be exact! If you're looking for a comforting humorist dissing men and the sad ironies of woman's lot in life- she ain't it. Margaret's style, for those of you who may not know her, is open, frank, and often she says the stuff you might say if you were able to think that funny. What can you expect from a woman who counts the stylings of Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy as comedic inspiration?

Her new film, Notorious C.H.O. was filmed on her recent tour. If you're looking for a nice little comedy- this ain't it. She brings everything about herself to the table, and what results is a hilarious diatribe from a specific perspective that some can identify with, and others enjoy, but it's definitely not for the timid.

Cho was raised in San Francisco as the only child of Korean immigrants, a couple she imitates to hysterical effect in her show. She began her stand up career at age 16, in a comedy club above her parents' bookstore. Before long she won a comedy contest, with the first prize being opening for Jerry Seinfeld. She had a short-lived ABC sitcom called All-American Girl in 1994. Cho's last film, I'm the One That I Want, dealt with the stress and problems that came along with the sitcom including network executives pressuring her to lose weight and a crash diet with exercise that helped her lose 30 pounds in two weeks-and caused kidney failure.

I'm The One That I Want (which was later released as a movie, now on video and DVD) was a one-woman show with a definite story line. The Notorious C.H.O. is more of a free-form set getting back to a more traditional standup comedy style, that touches on Margaret's sex and food addictions, as well as a variety of other extremely human foibles. The overall arc of the show is about being your own role model and maintaining control of your self-image while navigating through a punishing, media-manipulated world of body politics that can ensnare the best of us.

"This show is a lot funnier and more outrageous," Cho said in a phone interview from Los Angeles, California. "There are lots more jokes." Here's a sample: "A lot of great men think I talk too much about periods. I don't think I talk about periods that much. I really don't, especially compared to how much it happens." / Issue 26 - September 2018
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