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Journey to Durban is an important and controversial new work by theatre and film artist Chike Kani-Omo. This documentary chronicles the International Conference On Racism in Durban, South Africa, and features supporting interviews and footage of important leaders from various parts of the world, including U.N. Secretary General Kofi Anan, South African President Thabo Mbeki, civil rights activist Angela Davis, U.N. Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson, actor Danny Glover, Premier of Cuba Fidel Castro, South African apartheid activist Winnie Mandela, Ray Winbrush of the Race Relations Instititute of Fisk University, and many others. Dishmag caught up with Mr Kani-Omo while he is in the process of touring his work around the U.S.

Why did you select the International Conference On Racism to document?

This was an event that brought all the parties, governments, civil society, labor, and corporations to the table; to forge agreements that will affect the direction of mankind for the future. It was history in the making.

Over the course of the conference, which issues rose to the surface as most important to the people attending?

The issue of reparations and compensation for the trans-Atlantic slave trade; colonialism; Palestinian homeland occupation by Israel; the capitalist threat of globalization; Dalit and Roma caste discrimination; the global prison industrial system; and the death penalty -- all this seemed to forge into a desire for civil society to demand a change in the global status quo. / Issue 26 - September 2018
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