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After another week in San Diego where I spent time at the Optimum Health Institute. relaxing and just plain doing my thing to get centered..(you know this business is all about keeping centered or else!). After a week of Fasting , raw foods, body work, prayer and meditation I was renewed. I know I know, I am always talking about this place..Do you not change the oil in your car every 3000 miles?? Then why not clean your body out as well?? Stop and Renew...this is the place to do just that....two words................. GO THERE... (

NOW I am fresh and ready to get back into the studio to do my next album..but first...........

I headed towards Beverly Hills for the 20th annual Golden Boot Awards

Let me tell you about what the awards are and what the proceeds go:

The Golden Boots Awards was founded 20 years ago by Pat Buttram and others to honor individuals associated with Western film- actors, directors, producers and stunt people.

The Golden Boot Awards has contributed over $ 2 million to the Motion Picture and Television Fund's Health and Human Services program.. This is a place where ANYONE who has worked in Motion Pictures or Television can go and be taken care of, "taking care of our own" is their motto.

Basically what happens is this... the volunteers that work at this show have to dress in Western attire, and generally all the folks that attends also wear Western duds...lots of FAMOUS actors show up. If you have ever been a fan of western films then this is the place to come every year! I mean for example..... Ann Miller (famous tap dancer and actress from the golden era of musicals) shows up in her Vintage Car and makes an entrance like Old Hollywood!! Yes, like the glamour of yester year. / Issue 27 - September 6858
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