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(the empty-armed runner up from ABC’s first run of The Bachelor) to twenty-four new men. Now she gets to choose, instead of waiting to see if she’s chosen.

Blind Date, on TNN, makes snarky comments on the date in progress via pop-up video style thought bubbles and captions. Syndicated show Elimidate matches one "prize" date with four members of the opposite sex, who get tossed off the date one by one until the "winner" emerges. Meanwhile, they make nasty comments about each other, and sometimes the "prize" they are competing for as well. Star Date, on E!, follows the blind dates of has-been celebs like Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster) or Dustin Diamond (Screech from Saved By The Bell) . Only TLC’s A Dating Story offers a straightforward blind date- in all its awkwardness and wonder, with the couple commenting (individually) on the date as it progresses.

"We always say we’re the nice dating show," says A Dating Story executive producer Terri Johnson. "We don’t mock people, where some other shows make their dating couples look silly or stupid. We might have dates that are train wrecks, where the couple just don’t click, but we don’t let one dater trash the other one."

But even the dating show with the best behavior can’t claim a great success rate. "About ten percent," Johnson says of the couples who go on to something beyond their televised date, which is probably in line with real-world blind date success rates. "I know of one couple who met through the show and are now married, with a child on the way," she says. "Funny thing is, their date didn’t really go that well. But they went on another date and their relationship bloomed."

Jill Casidy, an intern for Blind Date who rustles up potential participants, wrote in an article about her job, "Yes, love can be / Issue 28 - September 5786
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