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Reading Kim Erikson's informative book, Drop Dead Gorgeous, inspired me to replace some of my personal care products with more organic options. I've been so pleased with the results that I feel I should spread the word. My fine, thin, damaged hair was starting to break off and lose its luster, so I purchased Aubrey Organics Rosa Mosqueta Herbal Shampoo and Rose Hip Conditioning Cream. The shampoo contains good stuff such as Almond Oil, Rose Seed Hip Oil (hence, the name) and Vitamins A, C and E, with no Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or synthetic preservatives. The conditioner contains nourishing ingredients such as Coconut Fatty Acid, Wheat Germ Oil and Comfrey Root extract. In a matter of days, my hair felt thicker and looked better than it has in months! Word of caution: the shampoo doesn't foam like regular brands (because it contains no detergents) but it cleans hair just as well. Also, I realized that if I use too much of the conditioner, my hair feels like a grease pit. Just a little dab will do ya'.

I also attended a "party" recently, hosted by a representative from Arbonne International. The sales rep introduced a room of about ten women to the animal-friendly company's skin care line, which reportedly uses botanicals and other natural ingredients rather than harsh chemicals. I walked away with a tube of Bio-Hydria Alpha Complex moisturizer that I absolutely love. The product is formulated with natural fruit acids; however, it does contain unnatural ingredients such as Butylene Glycol. At least they're at the bottom of the ingredient list.

I also checked out a few items from Jurlique, an Atlanta-based company whose products are completely natural and plant-based, and contain natural antioxidants, natural vitamins and herbal ingredients. True to their claim, I didn't see one ingredient that I couldn't pronounce in their face lotion, herbal recovery gel and cleansing lotion. All three products work and smell great. Visit for information and free samples.

Even Dep Hair Gel is following the trend with their moisturizing gel with "conditioning complex for healthy hold." The alcohol-free, water-based product contains a few ingredients found in many hair conditioners, and works just as well as their other products. Check it out if you want to feel less guilty about adding this goop to your hair.

Watch out, though! There's a wealth of drugstore products wearing the "all natural" badge - usually nothing more than a marketing gimmick. / Issue 28 - September 7315
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