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Lisa Loeb is the unknown pop star. She is best known for her 1993 Reality Bites song, "Stay (I Missed You)." This year she comes alive with her third album, Cake and Pie. The album features the best of Loeb's introspective songwriting that unfolds before the listener. It also features the work of such industry greats as Randy Scruggs, Dweezil Zappa, Glen Ballard and Bob Clearmountain. The single, "Someone You Should Know" is catchy and addictive. For more information visit and look for Loeb to be touring this summer.

FEMMUSIC: Can you describe your songwriting technique?

LL: Songwriting technique? Well, first I drink some coffee with milk and sugar. It has to be hot. It has to be fresh. It's funny because the songwriting technique changes a lot. I think basically I have moments where ideas pop into my head and I write those down wherever I can. On scraps of paper or I call myself on my answering machine. And then I sort of collect those ideas and I sit down at some point and figure out what those ideas mean and write a song around them.The same thing happens with music. I'll sit down with a guitar or a piano or a melody will be in my head and I'll come up with something that is interesting to me, and if I don't write the whole song then I'll record or I'll write out in music notation the idea that I've had. Then, at some point, I'll write lyrics that remind me of what the music sounds like or the other way around. I write music that reminds me of what the lyrics sound like unless both come to me at the same time. And then at some point I have to sit down, just like doing homework, and just, actually, finish the song and figure out what story I'm telling and try to tell that through the music. And then the other thing in terms of songwriting technique that I think is important, and for me has changed a little bit is when I first started writing songs I think I was more influenced by old / Issue 28 - September 2018
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