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You might still be talking about Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and New Year's, but I'm talking about HIATUS. Or, what some people here in Hollywood like to call "H-will-I ever work in this town Again-TUS."Actually, Hiatus is a time for us to reflect on a good year past and to focus on the year that is yet to come. Amen.

Before I begin with what seems a year-end wrap-up (but is really a new year jump-start), I must apologize for my seeming absence-no need to worry, rejoice!

I've been a busy little bee ending my year by sealing one final screenwriting deal and wrapping my film directorial debut "Extra-Extra," starring TED RAIMI of "Xena the Warrior Princess" and "Spiderman" fame, and JENNIFER SIEBEL, Hollywood's next "IT" girl. A world of thanks to my cast and crew for doing such a great job.

But enough about me-get to the cars, you say? Well, in the spirit of the new year, ask and ye shall receive.


A few months back my best mate and I took in the California International Auto Show. What did we see? Well, we saw the future-what you and I will be tooling around in the next few years. Here's the cream of the crop.


You've seen the commercials for this new "anti-S.U.V." Based on Honda's more pedestrian CR-V, the Element does away with a soft image and gives us what its creators are calling a "mobile dorm room/base camp." ( It's a boxy, off-road/on-road machine with amazing access to the cabin via what used to be called "suicide doors" in my day. These allow the user to open both opposed-opening side doors-turning the element into the ultimate tailgate party. DVD navigation and MP3 player/Satellite radio are just a few of the options that make the Element a true sport & utility vehicle. Finally. / Issue 29 - September 2018
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