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Here’s the story…..long, long ago and far far away Dishmag’s editors and writers set themselves on a long and winding path….to research who in Hollywood’s panoply of leading men could possibly be called “America’s Most Wanted”. We took our task quite seriously-because to us, a truly Dishy man has to have much more than just a pretty face; talent of course, it’s important to be good at your chosen profession, sex appeal, outside interests, and most importantly a certain je ne sais quois that is always recognizable even if it’s not definable. With these characteristics in mind we set to work, and what a job it was, researching and exploring what is known about many of Hollywood’s most dreamy leading men.

Well, as you can see on our cover-much as we love Matt and Tom and Ben and Brad and Mel, et al, it was a hands-down victory for 44-year-old Viggo Peter Mortensen (best known for his role as Aragorn in Lord of the Rings), Dishmag editors first choice.

His super-luscious appeal was not lost on Diane Lane, Viggo’s co-star in the 1999 Walk On The Moon, “I think he has a quality of self-knowing that challenges everyone that he meets—perhaps unwittingly. But the electrical charge of that challenge of ‘How well do you know yourself? Cause I know myself real well,’ you know, that’s kind of the unspoken Viggo experience. He’s also fascinated by other people. And when you combine those elements, it’s very charismatic. It can definitely be interpreted as sexy.”

Although he’s been a working actor for more than 20 years- (His first TV appearance was in 1984’s role as Lieutenant Le Boeuf in the mini-series “George Washington”; his first film role was in Peter Weir’s 1985 hit film “Witness” in which he played Alexander Godunov’s Amish brother)- Viggo Mortensen's career has been marked by a steady string of well-rounded performances. Critics have continually recognized his work in over thirty movies, including such diverse projects as Jane Campion's Portrait of a Lady, Sean Penn's Indian Runner, Brian DePalma's Carlito's Way, Ridley Scott's G.I. Jane, Tony Scott's Crimson Tide, Andrew Davis' Perfect Murder, and Ray Loriga's La Pistola de mi Hermano. However, he has only recently entered the realm of the collective American subconscious with his remarkable performance as the future King Aragorn, also known as the ranger Striker, in the phenomenal and phenomenally successful “Lord of the Rings” Trilogy, based on the beloved books written by J.R.Tolkein in the 1940’s. / Issue 29 - September 1103
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