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Calling all single people-that's right, you! As we all know, Valentine's Day is fast approaching. And as we also know, Valentine's Day isn't a holiday for single people- traditionally, that is. But why not? There's plenty of non-romantic love to celebrate-the love of your friends, your family, your self. So why not get your personal favorites together and have a Valentine's Day party for singles! Plus, you never know who you might meet..

HOW, you ask? Well, we're here to give you some great ideas on how you can pull the party together, and without breaking your wallet or your back.

A Little Help From Your Friends

One great thing about a holiday is that it's a great excuse to have a party. One not-so-great thing about a holiday is that a party can cost a pretty penny. So, instead of shouldering the entire cost of your fabulous singles party, ask your friends to pitch in-really, they won't mind, especially since it sure beats sitting home alone feeling sorry for yourself.

The Décor-Think ROMANCE

Fill the party room with flowers, and scatter all your most lovely scented candles everywhere, including the bathroom. Be sure to dim the lights..and as for you, you sweet thing, be sure to wear your favorite, and most alluring, ensemble. And.just a thought.. might this not be a great time to live dangerously and try out those Swarovsky Crystal self-adhering jewels, glittering gold and silver eye-shadows, or those sexy temporary tattoos that Dishmag's been featuring in our Beauty section. We know you have them-now wear them!

What to eat?

You've got a lot of choices here-you can show off your culinary skills (The way to a man's heart..) and do the cooking yourself, have a pot-luck dinner in which each guest brings something, or go the new fashioned way with good old home delivery-after all who doesn't like Chinese, or Pizza, for that matter? If you decide to do the cooking, do yourself a favor and keep the dinner as simple as possible. Rather than cooking many different dishes, cook a lot of just a few dishes. For this special occasion, keep the meal festive and make dishes that have the color red in them. Chicken dishes are always a safe way to go, as is pasta. Add vegetables, a potato dish or a salad and voila-you've got a whole meal. / Issue 29 - September 2018
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