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You've spent your whole life collecting "stuff"; clothes, and more clothes, appliances, furniture, and knick knacks that at one point or another caught your eye. Cool in it's day (how long ago?), here it all is, still with you. But now you never wear it, your closets are bulging, your storage is filled up, and there is absolutely no place to put even one more thing. What to do?

"Reduce, Recycle, Re-use" is the motto of the Nineties. Here are some places that would be pleased to accept your unwanted clutter, and convert it into someone else's valuable "stuff". While helping others, your donation becomes a valuable tax deduction! Get rid of stuff, and feel good, too! Now that's the way to start the new Millennium.



LOCATED: Across the nation; in every state

HOURS: Monday-Saturday (1/2 day on Monday) 9am-5pm.

WHERE YOUR DONATIONS GO: 87% go to services, 13% to overhead.

WHAT YOU GET: A tax certificate, on which you estimate the value of your donation.

EXTRAS: They'll come get your "stuff" at your house, by schedule, if your house is within approximately a 50 mile radius of the nearest store. And currently, the Salvation Army is working towards donations online.

NASHVILLE: (140 N. Main St is the main center of the four here in Nashville).


Clothing and furniture that is in good condition. No large appliances, auto parts, carpets and mattresses.

LOCATED: Across the nation; in every state.

HOURS: Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm

WHERE YOUR DONATIONS GO: Goodwill is a self-sufficient organization; 99% of the profit of the items sold goes to support employment training and to the placement of people with disabilities or other barriers to work.

WHAT YOU GET: A tax certificate, based on the donor's assessment of the value; a list is provided of suggested resale value.

EXTRAS: Attendants will help you unload donations at your local donation center. (This writer has been to Goodwill. You open your car; the attendants do the lifting and carrying).

NASHVILLE: 8 locations in Nashville


Everything, with the exception of heavy appliances, such as refrigerators, stoves, waterbeds, etc.

LOCATED: Across the nation.

HOURS: Monday-Saturday, 9am-7pm

WHERE YOUR DONATIONS GO: After bills, payrolls, rents, vans, and medical costs are paid, the leftover money goes to the foundation. In addition, all veterans are provided for when they show a voucher and form of I.D.

WHAT YOU GET: You estimate the worth of your donations, then you fill out a receipt with your name and address for tax deduction.

EXTRAS: Donations may be dropped off at your nearest location, or be picked up on certain days of the week (Monday-Friday) depending on your area's zip code. Call to set up a pick-up date.

NASHVILLE: 2500 Gallatin Rd, Nashville


ACCEPTS: Only what is needed at the time due to limited storage/display space, and working appliances only.

LOCATED: Cummins Station, 209 10th Ave S., Suite 16, Nashville,TN.

HOURS: 24 hours/7 days a week to those in need.

WHERE YOUR DONATIONS GO: 59% directly to clients, 18% to education, 5% to volunteer services, and 17% to the general organization.

WHAT YOU GET: Personal judgment of value of donation for tax deduction. (Financial donations are 100% deductible).

EXTRAS: Volunteers will try to assist you in pick-up, but it is preferred that you drop off your goods and donations at the location.



Items as needed at the time, and only "cream of the crop" attire, as this organization is devoted to helping less fortunate women dress for job interviews. Currently asking for plus sizes (16 and up) and large and wide shoes. Separates are accepted, if they can be easily matched with other pants and skirts. They do not accept jewelry, casualwear, sportswear or "over-worn" clothes.

LOCATED: In 50 sister cities across the nation.

HOURS: 10am-3pm, by appointment, Monday-Friday. Check your local phone book for the number in your area.

WHERE YOUR DONATIONS GO: 100% goes to clients, with help from benefactors and a grant from Bank of America.

WHAT YOU GET: A receipt with your estimated value of the donated items for a tax deduction.

EXTRAS: No pick-up.

NASHVILLE: Call 615 292 2486 / Issue 3 - September 0543
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