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Sure there are a few magical moments when a man and woman go out for the first time and find themselves completely at ease. We spend most of our dating life waiting for that moment - so we can latch on and never have to date again! But most first dates - and especially blind dates - are filled with a combination of awkward silences and self-conscious chatter.

Ah, but watching somebody else go through that mess - that’s pure pleasure. Just look at the popularity of dating shows on TV. We love to watch Mojo embarrass herself by reading a sappy poem to Evan on Joe Millionaire. We scream our objections as Trista continues to fall for that rat Russ on The Bachelorette. We groan at the single-entendre crudities that pass for conversation on Blind Date and cringe at the how-low-cut-can-you-go outfits the women choose to wear on Elimidate. But all the time, in the back of our minds, we root for the perfect match to emerge from the mess. We watch because we want to see the start of a beautiful relationship. Aren’t we romantic?

"Love is something people will always be interested in. It’s a great mystery," Elimidate executive producer Alex Duda said in a recent interview. "Also these shows are fun and light. It’s not a forced drama kind of reality show."

But the shows do have their gimmicks, with Joe Millionaire taking top honors. For those who have been living under a rock the last few weeks, the show brought twenty women to a castle in France and told them they would compete for the attentions of handsome Evan Wallace, who recently inherited $50 million. Actually, Evan is a construction worker with a much smaller bank account. The Bachelorette introduced bubbly blond Trista, / Issue 30 - September 2018
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