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"EVERYTHING YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT SEX, BUT WERE AFRAID TO ASK". Now that I've got your attention (sex still sells) let's get into this latest addition of the now world famous LA. Rides!

Sorry to disappoint, but the REAL title of this one is "Everything you always wanted to know about HYBRID CARS, but were afraid to ask."

HYBRID CARS you say? Don't you mean electric cars or those natural gas or hydrogen vans I get rides to the Airport in?

Nope, Hybrid -- as in normal gas engine with a tiny electric motor all under the same hood -- and fifty plus miles per gallon to boot! And all the while keeping the same company as LEO DICAPRIO and my favorite Charlie's Angel. Tell me more you say? Well I will, but first a History/Science lesson.

1st off, Hybrids are not electric cars, like your golf carts and old lady motorized-chair "Larks" of yore. Those cars, like the sporty GENERAL MOTORS EV1 ( released in the Mid-nineties, and today's TOYOTA RAV4 EV were true electrics.

Each of these must to be plugged into wall sockets and rely entirely on power from, and in the case of the EV1, potentially toxic batteries. Size, safety and driving range is shorter than conventional cars (less than 100 miles on an 8 hour charge in some cases) and prices are high. For a private citizen to purchase one of / Issue 31 - September 6548
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