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I understand the term studio rat for those of us who do records, er.. Recordings. There are moments that turn into days, evenings and mornings blur when the mind and all the senses are pre- occupied with the perfect phrase, timing and hoping to "get it right.

I needed a break desperately from the studio. Hmmm. San Francisco is only a two-hour drive from my home town of Sacramento. .. a place to open up and breathe in a new experience and a much needed break!!!! So I decided to get out of dodge and go to the city (SF) for 24 hrs....Gee.. Just what could I do and see in that amount of time?


I got online and started to look at different places around Union Square. One particular place kept nagging at the back of my brain. I think because years ago, I remember a chilly San Francisco night, walking into the lobby of the St. Francis Hotel and hearing this great jazz band. Sipping on a perfectly chilled martini and not wanting to leave. So I was game for another one of those experiences Thus the stay at the St. Francis.

I think it had been 8 or 10 years since I had been to the City By The Bay. All that time spent between Nashville, LA, New York and Sacramento (whew). I just never had business in San Francisco. This was going to be a real treat!

Upon arrival, I checked into the beautiful St Francis lobby... a mere 6000 sq. ft! You could just feel the international energy in this special place, Queen Elizabeth II, King Juan Carlos of Spain, Emperor Akihito of Japan, General Douglas MacArthur and all the U.S. Presidents since Taft have stayed here at the St. Francis. Oh yes, and it is said that Ethel Barrymore's chimpanzee was looked after without question by the staff. (I would not question that for a second). I will tell you more about the service later!

What I remembered most about the St Francis was the old world charm. And elegance. Maybe because I have traveled so much in my life, I have grown even more appreciative of something that has such worldly importance and historical value that remains pure and true! / Issue 32 - September 2018
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