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If you’re worried about the safety of your children, or children you know, you’ll want to check out the new video series "Kidz ‘n Power". It’s all about empowering children to stay safe from would-be abductors. Psychologist Dr. Bunni Tobias says, "Scaring children doesn’t protect them. Empowering them with the appropriate knowledge does."

The 3 videotape set includes: "Child Abduction, Awareness, & Self Defense Part 1 and 2", plus the all-important "Internet Safety for Your Child" and a Child Print ID Kit. This ID Kit contains a self-laminating ID card, a chart to fill out the child’s personal and medical information, a 10-finger fingerprint chart with ink and instructions, a easy-to-use DNA preservation kit, a dental chart with space for both baby and permanent teeth, two safety shoe I.D.’s, emergency numbers magnet, sticker sheet and two info practice sheets. This comprehensive kit keeps important information together, in case something should happen to your child.

We all hope that this never happens to YOUR child, but it never hurts to be prepared. This kit provides a proactive way for parents to prepare their children, and the information might well change the outcome.

"Kidz ‘n Power: The Complete Guide to Child Abduction, Awareness, and Self-Defense", including the Child I.D. kit and the tapes cost $39.95, the Child I.D. Kit and the Child I.D. card can be purchased separately for $8.95 and $4.95 respectively. For more information call (888) 619-8886 or log on to / Issue 33 - September 8502
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