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I have spent days watching the comedy and drama pilots for the new Fall television season, and I have to be honest – I don’t really know what to say this year. Out of the more than 2 dozen shows I viewed, the number of slam-dunks is negligible. And here’s what I mean by slam-dunks – shows that I would watch, tape or TiVo. Shows that I wouldn’t want to miss (and if you want to know which show that is, scroll right down to Friday) are few and far between.

On the other hand, one critic’s punching bag is another viewer’s must-see TV. So here are some of my suggestions for what’s worth watching (or not) in the 2003-2004 Season, night by night.


TARZAN (9pm, The WB)

Underwear model Travis Fimmel is the jungle guy, and Sarah Wayne Callies is his Jane, an NYPD detective. I tuned up my nose before I watched it; shame on me. The pair has real chemistry, it’s a romantic fairy tale set in present day, and it’s the perfect show for Sunday nights when you’re trying to put off Monday morning.

LYON’S DEN (10pm, NBC)

I like Rob Lowe. I thought this show, a potboiler set in a high-powered D.C. law firm, was OK. Nothing wrong with it. Well-crafted, well-acted, watchable, but nothing different or distinctive in its twists and turns. I particularly liked Kyle Chandler (“Early Edition”) playing a bad guy. And nowadays, I shouldn’t be carping about OK. By the way, you will read rave reviews about this show. You be the judge. Given that a lot of the CBS movie fare is less than compelling, and “The Practice” may not recover from its inexplicable post-season evisceration, NBC should do well in the 10pm time slot. / Issue 34 - September 6004
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