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Not very long ago, Dish visited the city of Tokyo in Japan. Bedazzled and confused by this neon futureland, we are driven not only to comprehend it, and but to describe, explain, somehow convey the mesmerizing experience. But alas, time and again, the words don’t come, or seem pitifully inadequate. So instead for now, we’re offering you a TASTE, a soupcon, an appetizing word-picture of our experience in the hope that some of you (all of you?) will GET IT! Intrigued? Please watch for our upcoming FALL 2003 SPECIAL ISSUE: All About TOKYO! that will grace all 11 sections of Dishmag with wonderful Japanese wit & wisdom as well as cool fashion, beauty secrets, health products, oriental design concepts, spiritual insights and much, much more……. 

It’s Tomorrowland. It’s ephemeral seething eye candy, a Tokyo Streetscape. It’s Feudal dreamtime, ancient fires. It’s a rip in the fabric of reality as we know it. It’s giggling girls shyly hiding their laughing faces behind gently curled fingers! It’s the legacy of 1854, when Commodore Perry’s 2nd landing dramatically brought the technology and ideology of America to feudal Japan. It’s nameless neon streets, always crowded, usually safe. It’s traffic jams and subways that run on time and businessmen in inevitable little black suits…..
Blast Off 

It’s a 16 hour flight to the other side of the world, and the sun never sets. Large screens pipoint your flight location throughout the trip. Alaskan icebergs and blue Pacific waters seem to drift by below. People close their shades, many sleep the entire trip. Hot water and lemons clear your head. It’s Delta. American. JAL. ANA….. / Issue 34 - September 2018
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