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  • Spending more or less money on products does not affect the status of your skin. There are good and bad products in all price ranges.

  • Terms such as hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic, nonacnegenic, "natural," and dermatologist tested are meaningless. None of these terms are regulated by the FDA nor do they have legal meaning or concensus in the cosmetics industry.

  • The term "patented secrets" used by cosmetic salespeople is bogus. The only way to obtain a patent is to divulge the complete contents of a product, which means it isn't a secret.

  • Even minimal sun exposure is damaging to the skin. Sun protection is the most vital part of any skin-care regimen but many cosmetic companies (especially the higher priced lines) leave it out of the skin-care routines that they sell.

  • Dry skin doesn't wrinkle any more or less than oily skin. There is no research or evidence supporting this myth.

  • Skin care routines should not be based on how old you are. Plenty of young women have severely dry skin, and plenty of older women have oily skin and breakouts.

  • Teenagers are not the only ones who have acne. More women in their 30's,40 's and 50's have acne than do teenagers! / Issue 36 - September 9542
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