By: Yvonne Aldrich

DONALD GOINES King of Black Pulp Fiction
By: Raeanne Rubenstein

DISH QUIZ Do You Know Nothing About Rap, Hip-Hop, and R&B?

Gibson's PASSION: Has Jesus Been Resurrected As A Movie?
By: Samantha Ross

Ten Questions to Ask About: THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST
By: Donald S. Whitney

Hollywood Knows That: LOVE IS ALL WE NEED
By: Yvonne Aldrich and Tina Robin

What's Great at the Movies? Film Festival Winners Are on Their Way to YOUR Town!
Tina Robin, Jason Cox, and Yvonne Aldrich Tell the Story!

Trading Places Creative, Sexy, Sardonic, Hammer-wielding, Surfer Dude TY PENNINGTON may invade YOUR home! How Lucky Can You Get?
By: Marjie McGraw

QUIZ & Quiz Results
Do you believe reports that J-Lo has given up her demanding diva ways and become a nicer person after her bad experience with Ben Affleck?

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