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Crunch, another extremely Dishy gym takes you to other worlds with an elaborate mix of classes including Afro-Brazilian Cardio where you learn the traditional dances of these exotic countries, accompanied by live drummers. Also, there’s Belly Moves, Broadway Dance, Fight Club, Knock-Down-Drag-Out, and they mean drag, honey. Pumping blood into the veins of Manhattan’s East Village in 1989, Crunch’s instructors were made-up of drag queens, rappers, artists and professional athletes, which brought in a very diverse group of members. With classes such as Cardio Striptease and Kama Sutra Yoga, you can figure out for yourself why its techniques have spread across the US like the repercussions of a one-night stand.

Donna Cyrus, Fitness Director at Crunch, tells Dish “there’s a lot of buzz about cardio strip tease; all the classes tend to be full and it’s going on its’ third year. It’s a class designed around stripping movements, using chairs and boas.” The age of the class ranges from 20-40, but there are no age limitations to being sexy!

“Live drummers, no shoes and the class ends with a limbo contest”, is what Donna tells us about the Afro-Brazilian Cardio. “This is big in the Atlanta market, as well as Bring It On, a class in which you learn cheerleading moves and end with a pyramid. Cycle Karaoke, also very popular is “indoor cycling, where members get a chance to sing a little bit of their favorite song and then everyone sings together. The person who sings the best rendition of their song receives a prize at the end of class.” This is definitely NOT the Y, and that’s what we like!

In Los Angeles, Crunch has a Showgirl Work-Out where you learn “big dance Las Vegas numbers, ballet-jazz combinations. In New York, there’s Broadway Dance based on famed Broadway shows, taught by Broadway dancers. Some of the shows are Hairspray, The Producers and A Chorus Line.” “We’ve also had Spoken Word Yoga Class which is focused around Def Jam Poetry Jam.”

Best of all, you don’t even have to leave your one true love out of the exercise ring. You and Scruffy can meditate and find your inner core together at Ruff Yoga, an instruction for you and your dog. Maybe you’ll be able to finally figure out what he’s been trying to tell you all of these years. And best of all you can jam out to a Crunch Compilation CD that’s got a funky urban beat at home. (

We hope we haven’t discouraged you about your five o’clock weight-lifting class. Our only hope is that Crunch Fitness and S Factor spreads to your neck of the woods, so you too can become toned, sexy and cultured all in one hour! / Issue 37 - September 5015
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