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Step 1,2, 3,4 and grapevine 2,3,4 and march it out! Sounds like the gym instructor echoing those painfully familiar words into my head. Is there anything anyone can do to make a work-out enjoyable…. educational…. something out of the ordinary? I think we may have located an alternative, so read on about Crunch, and the wildly popular S Factor…..

How about Pole Aerobics and exotic dancing for starters! You might know it as Pole Dancing, what the girls do at the Vegas strip clubs to entertain the guys. You’ve seen it in movies at least, and it’s the newest, hottest thing since Tao Bo. Plus, you can seduce your man rather than kicking his ass. And this class strengthens it all, makes it flexible and makes it sexy. Sheila Kelley, owner of S Factor in Los Angeles, found a way to interconnect the body and soul while researching her role in the film “Dancing at the Blue Iguana”. After filming, she decided to put a pole in her house and work on her instruction of the S Factor, and we’re glad she did.

Sheila has been a dancer for over thirty years and is also an actress. Now she shares her inspiration with women all over the world. Sheila tells us “I couldn’t get over how strong and lean and long my body got from this movement; my body is better than when I was a ballerina.You’re using muscles you never use, muscles that have been corseted into not moving because we live in such a linear and square society. I am trying to teach women to move into a more serpentine S-shape of their bodies, moving your body into that natural curvature, instead of keeping square, stretching muscles you never use and your body just goes, ‘Oh my God thank you!’” The S Factor is a combination of stripping movements and pole dancing, pilates and yoga, strengthening and lengthening, all put together in one to make this amazing, really fun, kick-ass work-out.

Of course, “young women of all ages” want to know if this enhances a woman’s sexual life and Sheila tells us “yes”. And the men will appreciate it as well. “Women feel like they inhabit their body for the first time 100%, instead of living 65%. Instead of hunching and tucking and being apologetic for their natural movement, they are exaggerating the natural movement. I had one student who came to me and said after one day in class she called her boyfriend and said ‘Get in bed, don’t move, we’re staying there all day!”

What more reason do Dish Women need to get on-line and check out Sheila Kelley’s website (you can purchase a pole!) at, and you can find information on ordering the S Factor video “Stripping for the Everyday Woman” as well as her book Sheila Kelley’s The S Factor: Strip Workout’s For Every Woman”. / Issue 38 - September 7816
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