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1) What’s the difference between rap, hip-hop, and r&b?

A) There’s no difference
B) Rappers and hip-hoppers are bad people and r&bers are nice people
C) Hip hop and r&b have dirty words, but rap does not
D) President Bush enjoys listening to rap, but not r&b or hip-hop
E) None of the above

2) Which white rapper has got respect from the hood?

A) Kid Rock
B) Eminem
C) Bruce Springsteen
D) Justin Timberlake
E) Vanilla Ice

3) Why are the Indian Nations mad at Outkast?

A) Racial slurs
B) Title of their new album
C) Words to their new single
D) Their Grammy Awards performance

4) Which of the following rappers did not get murdered?

A) Biggy Smalls
B) Tupac Shakur
C) Jam Master J
D) Easy-E

5) Who’s the fiancé of Beyonce?

A) Luther Vandross
B) Usher
C) Jay Z
D) Mario Wayans
E) Donald Trump

6) Which of the following rappers is the ex-boyfriend of Jennifer Lopez?

A) Puff Daddy
B) P. Diddy
C) Sean Combs
D) Ben Affleck
E) All of the above

7) Which one of these gals is a rapper?

A) Christina Aguilera
B) L’il Kim
C) Ashanti
D) Your sister
E) Beyonce

8) Which rapper starred in a movie with Stephen Segal?

A) Ruben Studdard
C) Nelly
D) Jack White
E) Ice Cube

9) Which rapper has the most outrageous stage clothes?

A) Alice Cooper
B) LL Cool J
C) Andre 2000
D) Marilyn Manson
E) Ru Paul

10) Which rapper has a line of clothing for dogs?

A) L’il Bow Wow
B) Snoop Dog
D) L’il Scrappy
E) All of the above

11) Which R&B singer exposed her breast at the superbowl?

A) Janet Jackson
B) Michael Jackson
C) Katherine Jackson
D) Latoya Jackson

12) Which R&B artist hit sings, “Woooooh! All them strip clubs, all them hot tubs, I’m gonna give them up!”?

A) Ruben Studdard
B) Twista
C) Clay Aiken
D) Ludacris
E) George Clinton

13) Which of the following rappers have never gone to jail?

B) 50 Cent
C) R. Kelly
D) Twista
E) D.I.S.H. Bling Bling


If you don’t know the answers to any of these questions, join the crowd If you know 1 or 2, you watch BET when no one’s looking If you could answer 3-5, you probably subscribe to Rolling Stone If you got 5-8 correct, your boyfriend is a homeboy If you knew the answer to all 13-you da bomb, baby!

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