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9) Contemporary Campaign Furniture by Richard Wrightman

Lightweight, collapsible and transportable, a union of utility and elegance, Contemporary Campaign Furniture by Richard Wrightman is made entirely by hand out of solid walnut. “My philosophy about furniture is that it should be easy to live with, most importantly embodying a balance between utility and elegance. I’m designing it for people who like simplicity, who want to be able to take their furniture with them because it’s easy to transport, but most importantly the people who buy my furniture love the romantic associations of furniture designed for travel. It’s the idea of traveling and being in a far off place [that appeals to them],” Wrightman says. The furniture is all handcrafted, made in small batches and made to order.

The cot/coffee table is $3,600. Learn more about Richard Wrightman’s collection at

10) Hiphouse

David Raufer’s addition to the contemporary furniture world is a multi-functional table. The table is 5 ft. around and has four adjustable height sections that move up and down, with a Lazy Susan in the center. The table was designed to be used for sitting or standing, for physically disabled people in wheelchairs, for children in high chairs and can even be adjusted depending upon the type of food you are eating (because some foods require the table to be close to your mouth and some further away). “It was designed to create social accessibility for many different people – it breaks down social barriers of size and height and age and disability,” Raufer says. “What we’re trying to achieve is a piece that functions as a countertop but also functions as a table.”

The tables range from $800-$2,500 depending upon material. More information about the tables can be acquired at / Issue 39 - September 8262
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