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My Angels Wear Fur "Through the years, animal rescue and adoption have transformed my life over and over and over," says author Devon O’Day. "Kindness, unconditional love, faith, hope, steadfastness, courage…..all have been exhibited by the animals that have crossed my life’s path." Take tiny black kitten Shaz, O’Day’s first adoptee, dumped at the door of a local pound more than 20 years ago, who taught her "that people and animals can strike a amazingly strong bond that supercedes anything possible by human or animal alone." If you’ve already had the pleasure of rescuing a hurt or unwanted animal, then you’ll understand the wonder that this book explores. Do yourself a favor; read this book, and then consider welcoming a furry little angel into your home.

Published by Rutledge Hills Press,, $ 14.99

Animal House Style

Do you love your pets, but hate what they do to your home? It’s time to consult the useful and beautifully photographed Animal House Style, written by former Elle Décor columnist Julia Szabo, who offers great advise and hands-on tips about how to decorate with pets in mind. Readers are sure to learn plenty about selecting high-performance furnishings we can all share, creating inviting interiors designed for maximum human, canine, feline, and other animal comfort-without sacrificing good taste. The best part? She gets specific-with recommendations from ranging from fabric choices, paint, to furnishings. Plus, readers get a bonus-with anecdotes and hands-on tips from design conscious animal people including Bernadette Peters, Todd Oldham, Spalding Gray, Mary Tyler Moore, and more. Tired of living in the dog house? Then this book is for you!

You can find Animal House Style at your local bookstore, or checkout $35.00 / Issue 39 - September 2018
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