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A lot has happened to us in the last one hundred years! While perhaps a huge understatement, the changes that have impacted women have taken us from being second-class citizens without a vote to virtually complete freedom. In America, at least, we women have the right to be masters of our own destiny. Perhaps we can pray that in the next 100 years, women throughout the world will be allowed to share in the freedom we enjoy to think and speak our minds without fear of punishment or reprisal.

With Womanhood (Sisters in the Hood, in today's language) in mind, we asked our talented editors and writers to each contribute a list of the ten people, places and/or things that they consider their most important influences. Each list was extremely personal; it was not meant to be complete, scientific, or deeply researched. Check the end of the list to see who contributed what!

Here at the office, an equally unscientific committee put them in order. We must admit, we had a lot of fun, and a lot of laughter, making momentous decisions like, "What's more significant, Cher or the paper cup? The Beatles or air conditioning?" We're sure you get the idea!

So for better or worse, here it is! Any additions or omissions? E-mail them to us and we'll publish them in the next issue! We hope you enjoy this list, and look forward to finding some of YOUR names on the next one!




100) FAST FOOD/McDONALDS-As with frozen foods, the ability to eat quickly was becoming more and more important. McDonalds actually began as a hot dog stand in California. Ray Krok, a salesman and entrepreneur had a vision for food to be served quickly and efficiently. He took this vision and pioneered the fast food industry with McDonalds. Less than 100 years later, McDonalds has sold over 65 billion hamburgers. (kj)

99) EMISSION CONTROL DEVICES-EGR Valves, Catalytic Converters, Mufflers, etc. . . so you have to go through one more yearly test to renew your license plates, Mother Earth thanks you. (js)

98) THE REVEREND BILLY GRAHAM-Strong and solid, he's always there for us when we need him. Our nation's first preacher, he goes about his business of saving our souls when so many religious leaders are looking for the next political bandwagon to jump on in an attempt to further their careers. (bk)

97) MICHAEL JORDAN-That vertical jump, that smile, that bald head. Is there anything we don't love about the man? He's on top of the world and he gives it up to play baseball? Then he comes back and wins it all again. He's the best friend everyone wants to have. (bk)

96) WALTER CRONKITE-The most trusted man in America, if we had to hear bad news, we wanted to hear it from him. As a President Johnson once said, "If we've lost Cronkite, we've lost the war," or something like that. In an era where anchors are bigger celebrities than the newsmakers they're covering, Cronkite is more endearing than ever.(bk)

95) CAMILLE PAGLIA-This acid tongued, street tough lesbian writer and teacher tells it like it is in today's cargo culture world. "We're all a pagan culture," says Camille, "it's a dog eat dog world so watch your back -and your front." (ss)

94) LAURA DERN-This actress helps bring other celebrities into the cause of raising money for animals in L.A. Raised over $50,000 for L.A. count's first mobile spay and neuter clinic. Raises money for Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. (cc)

93) "THE HOUSE IN GOOD TASTE" was published in 1913, by a woman whom many claim to be America's first Interior Designer, Elsie de Wolfe was also an actress and hostess extraordinaire. (ao)

92) JOEY RAMONE-The most unlikely rock star to ever stumble off a subway from Queens, Ramone and his band of pinhead misfits shook up the music world with a record produced for 6 grand in 1973. For 25 years they toured the planet while still ruling the Bowery. (ss)

91) ED SAYERS-San Francisco SPCA, leading the world in the no kill movement and Richard Avazino, head of Maddies Fund which finances no kill animal shelters across the country. (cc)

90) "THE ROARING 20s " -Talk about shocking your parents! The roaring Twenties flapper was a free spirit, dancing, drinking, and for the first time, wearing the mini-skirt. (mmg)

89)THE CRASH OF 1927-60 years before Alan Greenspan, investors suffer from "irrational exuberance." Black Thursday signaled the beginning of the Great Depression. (cg)

88) DEBIT CARD-To counteract the free spending 80s, and get a handle on personal debt the size of the nations deficit, the 1990s introduction of the debit card gives the illusion of unlimited credit to a bank account. (fl)

87) WALL TO WALL CARPETINGl carpeting made its debut in 1940, making everyone's life easier, especially Mr. Hoover's. (ao)

86) GERALDINE FERRARO-In 1984, she was the first woman nominated as a Vice-Presidential candidate on a national ticket. (jb)

85) DECAFFINATED COFFEE-This is one many don't understand, but for those caffeine intolerant people, what a blessing. In the Eighties, the decaf process was eventually done without chemicals, in a natural way. (kj)




84) WILLIAM RANDOLPH HURST and PATTI, NAOMI, WYNNONA, and ASHLEY JUDD, JOHN BARRYMORE and DREW- Here's to the American family. (mmg)

83) SALLY RIDE becomes the first American woman in space. (jb)

82) HARRISON FORD -He is the one actor men and women can agree on when it comes to choosing a date-night movie. A man's man, he is one of our few modern-day cinematic heroes who holds his own, whether he's our President or Indiana Jones. But underneath that strong silent demeanor smolders a man who could sweep us off our feet, and he only gets better with age. (bk)

81) DALE CARNEGIE-Virtually the first truly successful pop psychology book, "How to Win Friends and Influence People" taught people how to take control of their words and actions to better achieve their goals. Dale Carnegie courses are still available, and relevant to this day. (mmg)

80) FIRST ATOMIC BOMB dropped, 1945. (sw)

79) GROCERY STORES-in the area of selling food, Americans have a tendency toward self-service. In 1917, Clarence Saunders filed a patent on the self-service market. The first Piggly Wiggly was opened in Memphis in 1917. He wanted to get the customers in and out of the store, past the cash register while being inspired to buy as much as possible.(kj)

78) DOLLY PARTON-This singer/songwriter/actress/theme-park owner and self-proclaimed "hillbilly" was country music's first sex bomb. Dolly Parton's towering platinum wigs, skyscraper stilettos and skintight spangles and spandex have become her trademarks. Of course I can't exclude her two most famous "trademarks." Dolly proved fashion can be fun, flirtatious, and full of personality. (sk)

77) PATSY CLINE-The gutsy, hard-living country singer sang torch songs in a full-throated style that filled each note with feeling. Then she'd turn around and punch out a honky tonk tune with two-fisted fire. (mm)

76) BLONDIE-She was the beautiful blonde punk princess and she played the role to the hilt. Debbie Harry embodied everything from the virginal airhead to the calculating go-go girl. She created and exploited her image and paved the way for Madonna and other female artists to run the gamut in hair, make-up and clothes. The strapless dress, over-bleached hair and super-glossed lips from the Rapture video was in my pre-teen mind, the most glamorous thing I'd ever seen. It still is. (sk)

75) MICROWAVE OVEN-The microwave oven was first introduced in the Fifties. They were big and cumbersome and many people thought they wouldn't last. They have now become a common occurrence in most homes, providing quick, hot, steamy meals in minutes. (kj)

74) BETTE DAVIS-"No actress in the history of movies dropped a mink like Bette Davis,"said legendary Hollywood costume designer Edith Head (lr)

73) GERTRUDE STEIN and ALICE B. TOKLAS -Gertrude Stein's salons in Paris were a "must" for up-and-coming artists and painters in Paris, including Pablo Picasso. A brilliant poet (A Rose is a Rose is a Rose), she and her lifelong partner (The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook) were mainstay's in the world art scene throughout their lives.(mmg)

72) EMMYLOU HARRIS-With her haunting voice, amazing songs, and her total devotion to music, Emmylou is probably one of the sexiest and most loved musician by musicians alive. (mm)

71) JD SALINGER-The reclusive author of "Catcher in the Rye", Salinger is a folk hero to millions of kids. (pg)

70) THE BIRTH OF NASDAQ-As always in America, good ideas find a way. Frustrated by an inability to get attention from the staid New York exchange, smaller companies find that they can get capital on the computerized NASDAQ exchange. Eventually this market is the birthplace of the companies that lead the technological revolution. (cg)




69) SIDNEY POITIER-A true trailblazer who paved the way for a generation of black actors. No one will ever know just how hard he had it, and he never let on. Always dignified and grateful, he's the best of the best. (bk)

68)VERUSCHKA -The most exotic 6 foot tall German model ever to grace movies and the pages of Vogue, Veruschka - aka Vera Lehndorf -has been a pioneer in the art of body painting, exhibiting all over the world and publishing books that fool the eye and tingle the libido. (ss)

67) FRED ASTAIRE- Debonair and cool as champagne, he gave the word "elegance" a new meaning (lr)

66) LINDA RONSTADT-The reason so many country, folk and pop singers belt out songs with unrestrained force can be traced back to Ronstadt, who let it fly with an edgy, remarkably powerful voice that impressed listeners with its strength and its expressiveness. (mm)

65) MILLI VANILLI-The Music Marketing Machine and the Reign of Fabricated Music reaches its (first) pinnacle. The music lovers (temporarily) realize they've been "had" and corporate rock realizes it must (temporality) get smarter. (atm)

64) ALFRED STIEGLITZ-Stieglitz was not only a great photographer, and husband of Georgia O'keefe, his influential gallery "291" helped to promote the finest photographers of their day, and to establish photography as a legitimate art form. (mmg)

63) CHILD SAFETY SEATS-Don't leave home without it. (js)

62) DIANA ROSS-As a member of The Supremes or as a solo artist, Diana Ross has always embodied style. She was a big part of the look that so many of the girl-groups of the day employed. Bouffant hair-dos, heavy eye-liner and almost identical outfits that were usually some sort of form-fitting sequined number that were never too sexy or showed too much skin. When she went solo her look became decidedly ultra-glamorous: wild flowing manes of hair and beautiful sexy gowns. Diana Ross is the reason divas have to be stylish.(sk)

61) BALL POINT PEN (1938)-The invention of the ball point pen eliminated pigtails dipped in ink wells and the dreaded blue hand of the fountain pen while giving inattentive students a new mechanical toy. (fl)

60) GEORGIA O'KEEFE-O'Keefe's erotic flower paintings shocked the art world in the 1950's with their unabashed sexuality. The artist herself never understood all the fuss, saying that she only meant for people to "really see flowers." (ss)

59) ELLA FITZGERALD-The purest and most musical American voice of all time. (mm)

58) ELEANOR ROOSEVELT-Wife of the charismatic Franklin, Eleanor became First Lady when her husband became President. Somewhat estranged during their marriage, Eleanor was independent, outspoken and a tireless worker and traveler for important causes. Her independence inspired a generation of American women to follow suit. (mmg)

57) REMOTE CONTROL (1956)-Originally designed to boost sales of new televisions, the remote control has the dubious distinction of creating the "Couch Potato" (hey, Homer!). (fl)

56) ARETHA FRANKLIN-She set the standard not only for soul singers, but for showing that a powerful voice gains that much more impact when filled with emotion and meaningfulness. No one else can sound as defiant, as vulnerable, or as willful as Aretha.

55) SAM SHEPARD-Actor, playwright and one of the most charismatic men in the arts, Shepard creates from a dark place. Missing fathers, alcoholism and violent relationships sweep across his western landscapes like so many tumbleweeds. (ss)

54) FROZEN FOOD and the REFRIGERATOR FREEZER-With the invention of the freezer, also came frozen foods. Now people could freeze fresh foods and keep them longer. People could stock up for winter, make less trips to the store or to town. As Americans' schedules became busier, the T.V. dinner kept them eating, but with less time spent in the kitchen. (kj)




53) JONI MITCHELL-Along with Carole King, Mitchell infused her songwriting with a staunchly personal point of view that led a generation of women to pick up an acoustic guitar and write about their experiences. (mm)

52) PATTI SMITH-The first and most important female punk rocker, Smith ignored concerns of beauty and glamour in order to present a personal style of poetic, potent rock that, like Bob Dylan and Lou Reed before her, brought a sense of street theater to popular music. (mm)

PATTI SMITH-With her tattered and frayed appearance, Patti Smith made anti-fashion her fashion statement. Old t-shirts, torn jeans, dirty sneakers and matted hair made up her costume. Because of her androgynous looks and I don't care attitude this punk poet wears leather with more swagger than Mick Jagger could ever hope for. Sometimes anti-fashion is the strongest fashion statement. (sk)

51) DISPOSABLE CUPS-There was a time when tin cups hung from water fountains, spreading germs more readily. When the paper cup was invented, the tin cup was eliminated from general public consumption, thus decreasing the spread of many viruses. (kj)

50) JOSEPHINE BAKER-She was the first black sex-symbol of the 20th century. Josephine Baker rebelled against society and its restrictions by leaving the United States and moving to Paris in the 30's. There the graceful and stylish Josephine became wildly famous in her own musical revues at the Folies-Bergere where she sang, danced, performed contortions and swung from a trapeze. Josephine Baker has almost 3,000 websites dedicated to her and if you've ever seen footage of the legendary "banana dance" you'll understand why. (sk)

49) ANDY WARHOL-"From Comic Strips to Celebrities," he was the most successful and imitated commercial artist in America. (ao) Andy Warhol-From Marilyn to movies to soup cans and underground rock music, Warhol and his multi-media art put pop in pop culture. (ss)

48) FIRST WORLD WAR-With all the men in the army, women went to work in great numbers for the first time, to support the war effort. Many women liked working out of the home, and the rest is history. (mmg)

47) MURIEL SIEBERT-Head of her own brokerage house, Siebert was the first woman to own a seat on the New York Stock Exchange. (mmg)

46) LUCILLE BALL-at one time she was called the Queen of Bs, then the Queen of TV. I Love Lucy. . . Timeless (lr)

45) WOODSTOCK-Great bands discover power in numbers. Festival Rock is born. (atm)

44) SAMMY DAVIS, JR.-Simply the best all around entertainer. . . ever (lr)

43) JUDY GARLAND-As a youngster, she brought a vibrant realness to sugar-coated Broadway tunes onscreen and onstage, inspiring thousands of female singers to try and follow her down Hollywood's yellow brick road. Later, her heart wrenching use of music to expel demons, however briefly, brought a new level of drama to the performer's live appearances. (mm)

42) MARY PICKFORD-Not merely a silent-screen vamp, Mary Pickford had a handsome, movie star husband, a legendary home, and unusual business acumen. She was a founding partner of United Artists Movie Studio, a rare achievement for a woman in her time. (mmg)

41) BILLIE HOLIDAY-Holiday's fragile, emotionally raw voice eschewed purity and beauty in search of a personal style that spoke of personal experience on a level few performers ever attain. (mm)

BILLIE HOLIDAY-Her coiffed hair, dazzling earrings, perfectly made-up face and sophisticated sense of style were sharp contrasts to the woman legend created. This jazz great lived harder than any rock star but on stage she always looked like a glamorous torch singer. She became famous in the 30's while still a teenager and managed to shatter a lot of norms for black entertainers because of her fearlessness and drive to change things. Billie Holiday set the standard for female jazz singers to have the regal aura that is mandatory for the job. Maybe that's why Diana Ross was chosen to play her in "Lady Sings the Blues." (sk)




40) FRIDA KAHLO-Kahlo's tiny self-portraits explode with equal parts personal pain and Mexican heritage pride. A volatile marriage to Diego Rivera and a stunning sense of style makes Frida one of the most enigmatic figures in 20th century art. (ss)

39) BRIGIT BARDOT-This gorgeous sex kitten turned animal activist lives in relative seclusion in the South of France. (mmg)

38) JOHNNY CASH-A cultural giant, the Man In Black has defined the grace, integrity and dual passions of good and evil inherent in country music for almost 50 years. (ss)

37) CELL PHONE-for the first time since Bell's invention, when calling another party you now ask, ". ". . .and where are you?" (fl)

36) BARBRA STREISAND-What hasn't she done??? This woman taught me the power of a voice. (lr)

35) INVENTION OF THE PHONOGRAPH-The ability to record sound and play it back puts recorded music in the home of the music lover and creates the platform for the Music Industry. (atm)

34) PAPER TOWELS (1907)-The paper towel brought sanitation from the operating room to the kitchen. (fl)

33) WINSTON CHURCHILL-A better character couldn't have been created by the best of the British novelists. Equal parts brilliance and wit, he was equally comfortable fighting the world's atrocities or bad form at a dinner party. Once when told by a woman that he was drunk, he agreed, but added, "In the morning, I'll be sober. You'll still be ugly." (bk)

32) MUHAMMAD ALI-Known as the heavyweight champion of the world, who could "float like a butterfly and sting like a bee," Ali should be equally remembered for his courage out of the ring, whether it was fighting racism, Vietnam or religious freedom. A hero to many around the world, he embodies grace and style. (bk)

31) ALUMINUM CANS-Because of environmental and economic reasons, I have put aluminum cans on the list. With the advent of seamless aluminum cans came a reduction in cost and waste. One pound of metal used to produce less than twenty cans, now it can produce almost thirty. Their paper-thin walls cut back on volume and make them easy to recycle. (kj)

30) MARIJUANA-Love it or hate it, legal or not, it fueled the hippy movement, and contributed to the creation of the "Love Generation." People who have used "weed" as it's been called, claim it "expands their consciousness" or in some cases, "blows your mind." (mmg)

29) JANIS JOPLIN-More rugged, raw and unabashedly emotional than rock singers had been before her, Joplin's wrenching, unrestrained physicality displayed how powerful a woman's voice could be if she stopped worrying about convention and just let it all hang out. (mm)

JANIS JOPLIN, JIMI HENDRIX, GRACE SLICK and JIM MORRISON- The most compelling, and unique rock & roll artists of our times. Who doesn't still care? (mmg)

She is the eternal hippie chick. The long hair, flowing psychedelic printed shirts, beaded necklaces, little Beatle glasses and one hand making a peace sign is how she will be remembered. She sang and danced with a ferociousness and passion that hasn't been seen since but has, along with her style, been emulated over and over again. If nothing else Janis Joplin patented the "rock-star hair toss" that everyone from Robert Plant to Alanis Morisette have made a part of their performances. (sk)

28) CHARLIE CHAPLIN-Tragedy and comedy. . . he wrote, produced, directed, edited, starred in and composed the scores for his films. . . a true polymath in his field. (lr)




27) MADONNA-Her cheeky, upfront sexuality and her ability to put movement into every song has influenced everyone from TLC to Shania Twain to Courtney Love to Britney Spears which means she's influenced nearly every level of American pop culture to follow in her wake. (mm)

MADONNA-No musical artist before or since has made as big an impact on fashion as Madonna. Since she burst on the scene in the early 80's, Madonna has inhabited dozens of different looks and started trends in hair, make-up, exercise, religion, and all areas of clothing, including rubber bracelets and lingerie as outerwear to glam to goth to geisha. Revered and reviled for the sexual slant she lends to everything she does, Madonna continually manages to evolve. (sk) Madonna -"The Greatest Work of Art Has Been Herself" -an icon of the 20th Century. (lr)

26) THE TAMPON-Hip, hip Hooray! In 1936, the tampon is first introduced (jb)

25) CREDIT CARD-Invented in 1928, before the Depression, to promote department stores sales, college students can now finance an independent film with this piece of plastic. (fl)

24) THE WRIGHT BROTHERS-The first successful airplane is launched at Kitty Hark, North Carolina by the Wright Brothers on December 17, 1903. Man and Womankind finally got their wings! (fl)

23) U.S. CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT-1964 and Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech; and the Rosa Parks incident on the bus. (sw)

22) THE DIARIST, ANNE FRANK (and the Holocaust) 1942-1944- With a diary kept in a secret attic, she braved the Nazis and lent a searing voice to the fight for human dignity. Anne Frank symbolized the power of a book. She became the most memorable figure to emerge from World War II -besides Hitler, of course. The second most famous child in history. (sw)

21) AIR CONDITIONING (1902)-From the swamp cooler in some Cajun backwoods to the central air of your local shopping mall, air conditioning has become part of our everyday lives. (fl)

20) STEVEN SPIELBERG-He's made the films that have shaped a generation, from Schindler's List and Jurassic Park to Jaws and ET. OK, we can forgive him for 1941. His charitable contributions go way beyond the call of duty. And the man is crazy about his wife. What more can you ask for? (bk)


18) THE WRISTWATCH- In 1904, when aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont needed a portable clock, Cartier designed the wristwatch. Now people on the go around the world can be fashionably late with confidence. (fl)

17) THE MIRACLE, HELEN KELLER-She altered our perception of the disabled and remapped the boundaries of the sight and sense. In 1903, "The Story of My Life" was published. (sw)

16)THE NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE MOVES INDOORS-When the New York Stock Exchange moved to its permanent digs on Wall Street, the modern American Stock Market is born (cg)

15) TELEVISION-Ed Sullivan and similar TV shows give Elvis and The Beatles a stage. Performing for millions is possible. Rock & Roll "Gods" are born and video begins killing the radio star (atm)

14) BILL GATES-the controversial William Henry Gates III is certainly a trailblazer of the century, a technology wizard influencing all of our futures. (lr)

13) 19th AMENDMENT-In 1920, the 19th amendment passed, giving women the right to vote for the first time. (jb)

12) GEORGE LUCAS-Who can say that any other film(s) have had more impact on all of us, and how we perceive the world (the universe) around us than "Star Wars". May the force be with you! (mmg)

11) ELVIS ARON PRESLEY-This man still rules the realm as the undisputed "King of Rock and Roll" (lr) (mmg)




And now for the Dish
of the CENTURY. . .

10) BIRTH CONTROL PILLS-the right to choose. Must more be said? (mmg)

9) THE APPLE COMPUTER is introduced in 1976; the invention of the first truly successful home computer, it led the way to the "computer generation." (sw)

8) MARILYN MONROE-Whether a kitten or a tiger we'll never know- the ultimate sex-symbol, we do know! Images of Marilyn are part of our collective memory. Is it because we love her, or pity her? (mmg)

7) WOMEN'S LIBERATION-Love 'em or hate them, Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan, et. al took a stand for all of us -whether we wanted it or not. "We are woman, hear us roar" was the activist feminist's motto. As Gloria Steinem once said when asked about marriage and children, "I will not mate in captivity". (mmg)

6) JOHN KENNEDY JR.-Although his father first comes to mind, it was actually the President's son who is the real man of the family. A devoted husband and uncle, he possessed all the good qualities associated with being a Kennedy. While he mingled with royalty, he never forgot the little people. After meeting with Muhammad Ali, Kennedy asked if Ali would mind being photographed with some office workers. With Ali's blessing, Kennedy then assembled the building's janitorial staff for a moment that none will never forget. (bk) The Kennedy's-each and every one of them (mmg)

5) THE AUTOMOBILE-Good-bye horse and buggy, and hello freedom. Imagine life without it! (pg)

4)PRINCESS DIANA -Why could we not avert our eyes from her? Was it because she beckoned? Or was there something else we longed for? What was it about Diana, Princess of Wales, that brought such huge numbers of people from all walks of life literally to their knees after her death in 1997? What was her special appeal, not just to British subjects but also to people the world over? Her beauty? Her compassion? Her charity? (sw) (mmg)

3)THE BEATLES -I need not overly describe why the mantra still remains. . . JOHN, PAUL, GEORGE and RINGO. (lr)

2) MAHANDAS GHANDI-His philosophy of nonviolence and his passion for independence began a drive for freedom that doomed colonialism.(sw) A model of humility, Gandhi was often in the company young women, who he believed helped to keep him young. (mmg)

1) 1999, the online magazine for "women of all ages" is born ! (jb)




Well, you made it this far! In case you're interested
in the runner ups, they are (in no particular order):

1917, THE ZIPPER-it took almost 20 years for the zipper to be accepted by the general public. In 1936 designer Elsa Schiaparelli put zippers on women's backs. (fl)

VENDING MACHINES-The 20s and 30s brought us vending machines of all kinds. One no longer had to wait in line for candy, refreshments or beverages. Now all these items are at their fingertips. (kj)

1980 and BEYOND. . . Ergonomics is the "buzzword" for anything designed with the human anatomy in mind. . . cool! (ao)

POLYESTER and DISCO-Saturday Night Dancing Fever Craze of the 70s -the first decade that fashion was deemed so important in society. Women allowed and acceptable in pants, self- expression -and polyester. (sw) (DEFINES SANDY'S WARDROBE).

1984-VELCRO-growing from two interlocking burrs to David Letterman’s velcro suit, George Demenstral's invention changed the way Michael Jordan ties his shoes. (fl)

1930-NYLON was invented by a team of chemist employed by DuPont Industries and the rest is history. (ao)

1973-BILLY JEAN KING beats Bobby Riggs in an exhibition tennis match (jb)

MAY DAY-The day commissions were deregulated and discount brokerage was born. This was the birth of the investor power movement that led to on-line trading two decades later. (cg)

CLINTON/LEWINSKY SCANDAL (1997) -For the first time, the President of the United States, or any leader of a nation, is caught doing what they've all done, and exploited in the media. (sw)

CHER-Snicker if you must, but Cher's over the top Vegas style act, Oscar statue and self made fortune is a triumph for gawky girls with overbites everywhere. (ss)

CHER-Famous for almost four decades, Cher was a groundbreaker for tying together sex, music and fashion. Starting as a sweet-looking hippie chick she quickly became the sexy-sequined, skin-baring, headdress-wearing, plastic-surgery happy, changing with the times rock star we know and love. Cher is shocking and tacky but she was also ahead of her time. Because of her collaboration with Bob Mackie, she was the first rock star to make a designer famous. (sk)

1970 The "WATERBED" and the "LAVALAMP" enveloped America's younger generation -groovy! (ao)

MTV-a group of visionary vee-jays launch a whole new dimension in the music realm: The Video. The radio star is officially given its last rites.

DISCO-The first major trend in music after the music industry realized (and gained is foothold in) the power of marketing. Disco becomes rampant and bleeds into everything; no pop genre is left completely untouched. (atm)

RAP-Rhythm and melody switch places in the musical food chain. When combined with loops of existing music, certain "artists" discover you no longer have to be musical in order to be a rock star. (atm)

PIERCE BROSNAN-Our favorite James Bond, he is charming and gorgeous, but not nearly the male chauvinist as the others. While Sean Connery has been credited with saying it's OK to hit a woman once in a while, Brosnan cherishes them. He's sensitive and funny and easy on the eyes. (bk)

ALSO, Frank Sinatra, Amelia Earhardt, Margaret Sanger, Mother Theresa, Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson




So there it is,
the DISHMAG top 100 + of the Century.
A special thanks to those who contributed their thoughts,
ideas, and opinions to this list. They are:

JB-Jamie Bolyard, writer of the "LEFTOVERS" humor column in the city section

CC-Calina Cook, co-founder of the animal rights organization Act Now

CG-Charles Grummon, investment advisor and author of the 'Understanding Investing" Column in this magazine

MMG-the Modern Major General of this magazine

PG-Patricia Gear, managing editor, DISH magazine

KJ-Katoorah Jayne, musical artist, chef, and wine connoisseur

BK-Beverly Keel, celebrated celebrity journalist

SK-Soraya, musical artist and founding member of "Les Femmes Qui Rock"

FL-Franne Lee, stylist and designer

MM-Michael McCall, music editor of Dish Magazine

ATM-Austin Tyler Meade, musical artist and founding member of "Les Femmes Qui Rock"

LR-Linda Regan, musical artist and founding member of "Les Femmes Qui Rock"

SS-Sandra Schulman, senior writer for Dish Magazine

SW-Sandy Weingart, journalist and intern / Issue 4 - September 3160
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