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  Saving Hamlet
by Calina Cook

Gianetta Hayes & her fiance, Jack Bates, decided to look for a pet and noticed an ad for an ACT NOW adoption day. They were not sure what kind of dog they wanted, but thought a smaller dog would be easier to handle and take care of.

When Gianetta & Jack arrived at the pet store where the adoption day was being held, they fell in love with the first dog they saw. His name is Hamlet and he is a beautiful Collie & Golden Retriever mix. After getting to know Hamlet a little better, an instant bond was formed. Hamlet was going home with Gianetta & Jack.

Hamlet was rescued by ACT NOW from the Nashville, Tennessee Metro Animal Control Facility and placed into ACT NOW's foster program. If Hamlet had not been rescued by ACT NOW, his chances for survival would have been very slim. The animals that go to the Animal Control Facility are put to sleep after five days if they are not reclaimed by their owners or adopted.

  Fortunately for Hamlet, Gianetta, and Jack, ACT NOW is saving many animals that will eventually go to good homes. Gianetta says she cannot imagine life without Hamlet. After one short month, he has become part of the family. Hamlet encourages exercise and is a wonderful companion. He is well behaved, has never had an accident, and sleeps at the foot of the bed. He has a great personality and loves to play "hide the ball."

Gianetta & Jack could not understand why such a dog was facing the possibility of being put to his death. As a result of their concern and desire to do something to help change things, the two have become ACT NOW members. ACT NOW is responsible for the placement of approximately 550 animals since its inception in December of '98.

The Gianettas and Jacks of the world are making a difference in the innocent lives of unwanted pets every day. ACT Now wants to encourage adoption as an option. If you or someone you know is shopping for a pet, please visit your local animal shelter.

Animal Care Taskforce of Nashville (ACT Now)
Mission Statement

The Animal Care Taskforce of Nashville (ACT Now) is a nonprofit volunteer organization that believes that all animals as living creatures both domesticated and non-domesticated are entitled to legal, moral and ethical consideration as well as protection. It is the intent of this body to provide for the well being of our community's animals who are orphaned, abandoned, injured, subject to unfair and cruel treatment, or otherwise in need.We will provide support to the staff of our local animal shelters in their daily operational routines while promoting adoptions and spay & neuter programs to the public. Furthermore, it is our mission to change any attitude of neglect and lack of awareness to a conscious respect for all living creatures both great and small.
  For more info about ACT Now,
call (615)ACT-6505 / Issue 4 - September 2018
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