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QUESTION: Debra, you look amazing. How is motherhood treating you? We knew we'd have to ask that….

DEBRA MESSING: I know. It's wonderful. Thank you for asking. I'm madly in love, and the adventure has begun. (Sean Hayes holds her hand.)

I do feel like I've been away for from the show for a really long time, but I'm just so excited to get back. Even just being here today, there's just -- there's something so just ingrained with us. We've been working together for so many years now. My gut says that it's going to be like riding a bike, and I'm just going to be really, really happy on it.

QUESTION: What does Grace have in store for us this season?

DEBRA MESSING: You know, the writers have been so amazing over the course of the years. I feel very satisfied and fulfilled by what they write for me. They never really tell us where the characters are going long-term, but they have short-term arcs. And I can't think of anything that -- off the top of my head that I would want to happen to Grace because they seem to be right -- they seem to be one step ahead of me all the time thinking of interesting ways to shake up the character or new obstacles or new dynamics. Like this year is going to be a really fun, new dynamic that we're all looking forward to.

Executive Producer ALEX HERSCHLAG, also present during the interview, adds: I think this is going to be a year of tremendous growth for Grace and for all the other characters because we're going to be dealing with her relationship not having worked out, and at the same time Will will be in a relationship. So we've never had that dynamic before on the show.

QUESTION: Karen is always so hard on Grace about her wardrobe. And when I look at Grace, I think she looks fine. Is Karen just being mean, or am I really totally completely stupid about that?

DEBRA MESSING: I think it's sort of -- it's almost a term of endearment. It's almost a way of communicating with me, for her -- it's almost a way that she flirts with me, so to speak. In the beginning, I was a little ruffled by it because I didn't know whether or not my clothes were supposed to be hideous or not. I was not really getting the joke at first, and then I caught on, and I think it's funny. I love how Grace dresses, and I love the fact that Karen always finds a way to rip them apart. / Issue 40 - September 5315
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