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Glenn Cummings has been “paying his dues” to the music industry for most of his life. Through the years, he has worked hard to prove that he has what it takes to become a star. So far, it’s paying off. Cummings has just released Big, his very first single from his very first album, also to be called Big, to radio on July 19th.

“Right now, it’s just putting together the best possible record with the best possible songs,” says the 6’5” ruggedly handsome Cummings. “The stars have been lining up for us. We’ve been very fortunate to get the best songwriters, the best players in town.”

Though he has many musical influences ranging from Garth Brooks to Elvis Presley, Cummings says his style is unique. He describes his music as having “a bit more rock ‘n’ roll edge to it with a good, strong country feel.”

The first single, “Big” is about a relationship. Of course, Cummings hopes the public reaction to the song will agree with the song’s title. “It’s going to be big. It’s going to be strong,” Cummings says. “It’s a huge song.”

The songs on his album are about various important life events such as finding romance, as in “I’ll Always Love That Girl,” keeping romance going, as in “Loving You Is Easy,” and ending relationships, as in “As If I Didn’t Know.” There is also a very heart-felt ballad, “The One’s Left Behind,” that addresses the pain and suffering that come with losing a loved one. “Every song on the record, I think, could be a #1 hit,” Cummings says. “But, that’s every artist. Whenever you have your record, you think every song’s a hit. That’s up to the public – up to you guys – to listen to it,” he adds.

Though he has experienced a great deal of success with his career so far, opening for popular country acts such as Montgomery Gentry, Wade Hayes, Darryl Singletary, Aaron Tippin and Charlie Daniels, things haven’t always been easy for Cummings.

At the age of 5, Glenn's mother took her two young sons away from an unhealthy home environment. To support her young family, his mother, Yvonne Rice, decided to take her family out on the road as a musical trio, including brother David, herself, and Glenn who began singing and performing when he was just seven years old. They toured around their home state, Florida. “We grew up on stage performing and singing,” Cummings says.

By the time Cummings was about 11 years old, the young family made ends meet by performing at the bar on the ground floor of a hotel where they were living. “We were able to perform there every night,” he reminisces. “That’s how I got my food. Basically, my mom just got us booked,” he says. “She would just come into a venue and she would just show them a picture of us three together. We would whip out the guitar and sing.”

Cummings’ mother had a huge influence on his musical career in another way. When he was still young, Rice, who was a drama teacher, established a children’s drama company called Clubhouse Kids. Cummings performed in Clubhouse Kids from its initial founding. It became an outlet for him to develop his talent for performing, singing and acting. Currently, his two daughters are getting an early start in the entertainment business with Clubhouse Kids. The successful company still spotlights the talent of young performers with monthly shows and has given rise to several stars, most notably Nick Carter of the popular boy band The Backstreet Boys. / Issue 40 - September 2580
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