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Law’s new production company is named Rorschach, after a cartoon character Law likes. “I’m doing things on my own”, he says. ““Sky Captain” was the first thing that came out of it, along with John Avnet’s Brooklyn Films. I’m developing a film, with Harold Pinter writing, which is a remake of “Sleuth”, where Michael Caine will play the Laurence Olivier role. I have also been developing, for about eight years, a project from Brian Epstein, which I’m still slowly working on.”

As for the demise of his 8 year marriage, he has said his breakup happened "for all the usual reasons," not because of Frost's depression after the birth of Rudy, as some tabloids reported. Other tabloids speculated that the cause was co-star Kidman, 36, who eventually won a libel lawsuit against two British papers that alleged an affair. The two were photographed dancing at a cast party.

Despite being a major star, the British actor has remained a private man, little known outside a small, protective circle of friends, mostly artists and writers. He appears to have little patience for discussing his personal life. “You don't really think you're going to know who I am by figuring out my eye color, do you?" asks Law, scoffing at the media's obsession with the superficial and the celebrities who play along. An anecdote by Alfie director Charles Shyer strongly supports this view. He has said that in the shot where Alfie punches a car windshield, he actually cracks it. Apparently, the actor wasn't able to put much effort into the windshield until Shyer told him to imagine that it was the paparazzi. As a result, Law punched so hard that it broke.

Most stars are presenting a packaged version of themselves to the media, anyway, he says. "The best way to learn about an artist is to see their work. You can find at least a small piece of them. Like, if you watch me in Ripley, you might learn something about my relationship with my father."

Of late, Jude has been dating Alfie’s “Christmas Miracle” Nikki, played by 21-year-old Sienna Miller.

Sky Captain and the world of Tomorrow

“Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow” directed by Kerry Conran, was the first of Jude’s 6 films to be released this Fall. In this retro-looking (Stella McCartney designed the wardrobe) sci-fi fantasy featuring exotic locations, giant robots, Gwyneth Paltrow as an ambitious reporter, Giovanni Ribisi as a quirky gadget inventor, and Angelina Jolie as the daring Capt. Franky Cook, Law plays the dashing aviator “Sky Captain” who is called upon to save the world. “The film I had done just before this was “Cold Mountain” (released in 2003),” he says, “so the idea of kind of going from extreme locations, real locations, real temperatures, to a world in which we have to create everything and imagine everything was to me an ideal kind of way of learning or reinventing the process of what it is to create a character, what it is to complete a role within a whole piece. I loved that rather than creating a super-real world or a world of the future. Kerry was going back with advanced technology and it seemed like the right way to do that.”

He continues, “What was clear was also that at the center was a really great cinematic relationship [between his character and Paltrow’s character] which you could put into any genre and it would work. You know, that kind of bickering [relationship]. I always like to call it “African Queen” meets “Buck Rogers,” so if you can create two good characters and a history and a world around them and a dynamic between them, you can put them anywhere and people will want to watch. And there’s the humor in all the obvious kinds of references to world domination and gadgets and gizmos. And I was just eager and keen to get onboard.”

Rorschach Films was also involved in producing this project, as was Sadie Frost, who has a producer credit on the film."It's like the difference between being a lion tamer and being a clown, really," says Law, in comparing producing and acting. "It's like you're all part of the circus, but you're fulfilling very different roles."

Fortunately though, as a new producer, “The nuts and bolts weren't really down to me on that piece, and thank God, because it was hand to mouth for a lot of it, until we got a deal at Paramount." / Issue 41 - September 8090
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