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5) David Christopher Furniture Collection

Architect David Christopher got into the business of furniture design when he got tired of searching for the right pieces of furniture to go into homes he designed. The furniture in his collection, which is Zen-inspired and offers multiple seating, was originally designed specifically for NFL player Jerome Pathon. “The trick with this furniture was to eliminate the need for a cocktail table in order to conserve space,” Christopher elaborates. “They’re sculptural pieces, meant to occupy the center of a room and appear to float on the pivoting barrels.” The J-Sofa, shown here, is interactive, with the pivoting barrels tucked away or opened, an armrest that can be raised or lowered, and there is a place for storage. Christopher’s furniture can be custom-made to suit any need. They can be built in any material, with various wood, leather and fabric options.

The J-Sofa sells for $14,000. For more information visit

6) Modern Conveniences

The theme for Athens, GA designer Didi Dunphy’s Recess Collection is simply “fun.” “Adults need more of it,” she says. That’s why she designed the Recess: Swing, a brightly-covered Naugahyde or Ultrasuede upholstered swinging bench large enough for two adults to share, and her Recess: Seesaw, with a glitter colored aluminum base. “I realized that adults do not have designated recess or play time in their daily schedules,” Dunphy says. “We’re constantly multi-tasking and if given a free moment there’s always a phone call to make, another load of laundry to be put in, another kid to pick up.” Her furnishings are designed to facilitate cooperative play between adults. Since everything is designed for two people, the line allows adults to relax and engage in a healthy cooperative relationship.

All pieces are custom made. The seesaw is $4000 and the swing is $1,000. Visit for additional information. / Issue 42 - September 0226
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