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THE DISH On Eating Healthy and Being Fabulous

Who better than Dish to appreciate this aptly titled more-than-just-a diet book THE DISH On Eating Healthy and Being Fabulous. The “Dish Divas”, award-winning TV food journalist Carolyn O’Neil (M.S. and R.D.) and nationally recognized nutrition scholar Denise Webb (Ph.D., R.D.) take an entertaining, hip look at healthy eating, fitness, and beauty using sensible strategies with a clever, sassy attitude. No matter whether you’re a CEO, a society dame, or a soccer mom THE DISH empowers the reader with “nutrition aptitude and a new diet attitude”. ($25.95. Published by ATRIA Books)


Finally there is a watch that’s “watch”ing your health, literally. The Polar A5 Watch & Fitness Tool combines exercise guidance with valuable feedback about your workout. A built-in walking test (Self Walk Test) will tell you how fit you are and help you set up your customized exercise program. The ZonePointer will keep you in your Target Zone, while the OwnCal calorie counter will help you manage your weight loss program. It also tells you how efficient your workout was by tracking your time in zone and total calories burned. It also includes a stopwatch and it’s water-resistant. What else could you need? Oh, it also keeps time! ($90. For more information about this exceptional watch, go to / Issue 43 - September 7858
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