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Paul Krassner's "MURDER AT THE CONSPIRACY CONVENTION and other American Absurdities"

Always timely-and completely irreverent, author Paul Krassner’s MURDER AT THE CONSPIRACY CONVENTION and other American Absurdities (with a forward by George Carlin) is a collection of “the father of the Underground Press’” recent articles about everything from Charles Manson to Monica Lewinsky, Timothy McVeigh to the War on terrorism, John Lennon to JonBenet Ramsey. All were originally published in major tomes including the Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, George, and many more. With assertions like “The truth is Silly Putty;” and “cultural anarchy is freedom of speech,” Krassner earns his reputation as the smartest, funniest, and most incisive political and cultural critic writing today. ($17.95. Published by BARRICADE PRESS.

FOR MY NEXT ACT…Women Scripting Life After Fifty

Almost 40? Nearing 50? Not to fear…. Whether you’re nearing the threshold or just looking toward the future, here are two books that will give you some laughs along with expert advice. In FOR MY NEXT ACT…Women Scripting Life After Fifty, journalist Karen Barr looks at the opportunities and challenges facing older women today. The book provides a “taking stock” section at the end of each chapter, a series of questions women can ask themselves to assess where they are. Guess what? According to Barr, life after 50 is an adventure to be savored! ($22.95. Published by RODALE PRESS) / Issue 43 - September 2018
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