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Also, she now has a team she can trust, which as one might imagine, might not be so easy for a Presley to do. At the core of What Now is the experience gained from making the debut. For this follow-up, Presley once again teamed with Eric Rosse, who had produced most of the last album, to oversee the bulk of the new recordings. Also joining the mix was guitarist Michael Lockwood, who would anchor the recording band and co-write three songs. “I was definitely much more focused,” Presley says of the process. “I already found the team I liked working with. Eric was set.” So when she got a message that Linda Perry – the former Four Non-Blondes frontwoman who, as a writer and producer has been behind huge hits for Christina Aguilera, Pink and Gwen Stefani — wanted to work with her, she was leary. But she did agree to meet with Perry at a Christmas party.

“I was reluctant, but I went there,” she says. “And we immediately hit it off. Really liked her. We hung out and I just happened to like the woman. I played her what I’d already written, about four songs. And we went into the studio and started writing. It was quick and painless and fun. The collaborations yielded statements both tuneful and forceful, including I'll Figure It Out, the pointedly sentimental Thanx (“What’s the matter with you?” she jokes. “You’re writing something uplifting here!”) and the sharply contrasting Idiot (“It’s not about anybody you think, I can guarantee that,” she says. “There’s beauty in writing metaphorically and poetically, but sometimes its fun to shoot a ‘gross point blank’ between the eyes as on Idiot and ).

And, she’s in love, with her band leader and lead guitarist, Michael Lockwood (possibly the skinniest man in music). “We worked together, we were on the road together, so we already knew- that soulmate thing, that best friends have,” she told Oprah. “We did everything together-but no, I’m not wearing a ring.” “I’m very happy with him!” she told me.

So, enough already, you’re probably thinking. So here it is-the Dishmag conversation with Lisa Marie Presley

Who are your musical heroes?

Everything from Aretha Franklin to "Heart" to Pat Benatar to "Pink Floyd". Anything from the 70’s. When I was a kid, those strong women, those were the ones that were happening at the time. They inspired me. I met Pat and sang with her. I have not met "Heart" but I admire the hell out of them. I have not met Aretha. All the paths that I’ve walked, I’ve met a few of them, but you know, I run into people here and there. [But with my own music], I’m on my own on that one. I just do whatever melody I lock into and whatever comes to me.

At some point I’ve met most of the people I’d love to meet. The only people I haven’t are like Gary Oldman. I admire him as an actor.

Have you ever taken music lessons of any kind?

I did take guitar when I was younger and I did pick up the drums which I did better at than guitar. I did do scales but never really ever tried to sing. One day, I just wanted to try [to sing] but didn’t really have the balls. So I’d just do scales but didn’t know what I was doing them for because that doesn’t teach you much really. I was a teenager and I didn’t have the balls to do it yet, so I just kept going to a vocal coach and doing scales- until one day I sang and then she said “Oh my God” and I said “Yeah”.

I’m not patient enough, that’s the bad part about me, which I should be, but I’m not. It’s the one thing I regret, actually. I can just go off and feel [a song] even if technically I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. I can come up with some things and get into them and I have written songs before with what I’ve come up with, but technically I don’t know what I’m doing. / Issue 45 - September 2018
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