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His TV role as Dr. Perry Cox in the quirky sitcom “Scrubs” made John McGinley the perfect choice as spokesperson for the Florida Department of Citrus’ “Achoo Index,” a list of the sickest cities for cold & flu. #1 on the list was Anaheim, CA but LA, Vegas and other popular cities also made the list (see a complete list of the 20 sickest US cities below). The program encourages people to drink more orange juice, especially during cold and flu season, and to take better care of themselves. The role was a natural one for McGinley; He spends his days portraying a doctor taking care of patients, and at night, as a single parent, goes home to care for his own seven-year-old son Max, who has Down Syndrome.

“I’m a very active spokesperson for the National Down Syndrome Society,” McGinley told Dish recently, “and my sense is that that probably resonated with some of the Citrus Grower people. I haven’t really done these things much in the past, but I thought the Citrus Growers’ message was great in that you’re supposed to take care of yourself and be responsible for staying healthy. And I happen to believe that, especially as a single parent, your job is to stay healthy and if you can possibly boost your immune system and be more resilient against these colds and flu then that’s part of your job.” / Issue 46 - September 0895
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