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Director David Dobkin and writers Steve Faber and Bob Fisher have the wedding trappings and psychology of the ceremonial seduction down pat, but they're less convincing in selling the John-Claire romance. Fortunately, McAdams is such a beguiling presence she helps fill in narrative gaps and actually creates a real character -- a rarity for females in one of these types of escapades. . “I loved the script and laughed out loud when I read it. Claire has grown up in a world of privilege, but somehow has managed to stay pretty grounded despite her very eccentric family. She meets Owen’s character at her sister’s wedding and finds him charming and interesting because he doesn't take himself so seriously, and is terribly funny and witty,” McAdams explains.

While Wilson spends much of his time pining, Vaughn's rapid-fire dialogue yields most of the comedic highlights, from labeling a woman a "Stage 5 clinger" to his hushed reverence toward the fellow who originated the wedding crasher's art. “I have always liked films that have a story within the comedy which is based in reality and human circumstances,” says Vaughn. “I loved the concept - two guys going to weddings pretending to be people they are not in order to meet and hook up with girls. You’re following these extreme characters through situations we’ve all thought about or have done on a smaller scale. It’s an exaggerated circumstance, but one that is completely relatable – crashing a party that you’re not necessarily invited to.”

Christopher Walken plays the powerful-but-doting dad, “Secretary Cleary is the linchpin of this movie,” says Director Dobkin. “The way you cast the role dictates if the film is going to be a little bit of a classier comedy with some intelligence, or if it was going to be a very broad comedy with little intelligence.

“I was really surprised when I got the call to see if I was interested in the film,” admits Walken. “When you combine my own personality and background with the kinds of parts I’ve played in the past, it doesn’t lead me to believe that I would be cast as a political figurehead who’s entrusted to control and keep up with the country’s money. I have always played characters a little bit on the outside, so it’s a nice change of pace to play a family man with three daughters.”

While it's been mentioned more than once that Wilson and Vaughn aren't that young, one might think that they probably are a bit old for this brand of shenanigans, especially since they conveniently encounter so few husbands and boyfriends as obstacles. As it turns out though, this casting was deliberate. Says writer Faber, “We thought, ‘What if they were older and really shouldn’t be doing these types of things?’ Weddings are the ultimate in forced bliss and we came to the creative conclusion that these guys really needed to be experts in the art of wedding crashing.”

So is Owen Wilson a pick-up man in real life? Wilson says he doesn’t have any really good pick-up stories but admits meeting women has definitely gotten easier. “I mean it's probably gotten easier for me to meet girls as I've gotten older, and girls are like better able to see what a becoming person I am. It may have something to do with the fact that I'm in movies. I would like to think that it's because I'm a kind person. Just as I get older, girls are better able to see into my heart and recognize that. Who knows?”

And what about Vince Vaughn? Vaughn says that sometimes he and his friends make up insanely bogus pick-up lines. “We’re talking,” he says. “‘Excuse me if I appear to be squinting, but I was up really late last night painting miniature elves. I love being in this room.’ You’re just kind of like, ‘What?!’ Or, what are some other ones we would say? ‘You know, sometimes when I’m out in public and there’s a lot of people around, I get really nervous and tense, I just picture myself swimming with dolphins and I start to calm down and relax.’ Just really kind of odd things and you’d be surprised sometimes like, ‘What? What does that mean?’ and sometimes they’re like, ‘Totally.’”

Even with some minor gripes -- including that the movie, like many a wedding, drags on far too long -- it's mostly an amusing ride, with a cool soundtrack and even a rather sappy message about true love underlying it all.

So how hard IS it to crash a wedding? In a wedding like the Cleary’s, with 500 guests, probably pretty easy. Once in a while though, says consultant/wedding planner Lovelynn Vanderhorst, a client will say, ‘I don't know who that person is, can you go find out?’ Usually they’re not invited and I have to ask them to leave. But at one wedding, it ended up being the groom's uncle and the bride was really embarrassed. That’s why, I hate to admit it, but it wouldn’t be as hard as you think to crash a wedding.”

Despite flashes of nudity, crudity and mockery of women's raging hormones at the first sight of a trousseau, in the end, “Wedding Crashers” aims, like John and Jeremy, to please.

P.S. Ladies, please take note! has reported the following: “Hollywood star Owen Wilson is searching for a wife - because he's finally ready to settle down and start a family. The 36-year-old actor - who previously dated rocker Sheryl Crow - is confident his well-rehearsed dating techniques will speed up his quest for his perfect woman. He explains, "My best dating tip - pretend to be a good listener. Express an interest in movies like Mystic Pizza, Steel Magnolias and Ghost. Be romantic like with candlelit dinners by the fireplace - stuff that girls like. Who knows? One day maybe I'll be lucky enough to meet a great girl and get married and start a family.” / Issue 47 - September 2018
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