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Take a festive occasion cue from the always-chic Oprah Winfrey who has often been seen wearing various pieces from the JudeFrances jewelry line. When you wear this elegant “Oprah O” 18k white gold necklace with diamond bale and white topaz brouillet ($1680) you too can look like a million bucks, but without spending a fortune.

From the red carpet to the pages of fashion magazines, Los Angeles based designer Erica Courtney’s one of a kind timeless pieces are worn by many of tinseltown’s most famous citizens, including Julia Roberts and Madonna. You’ll shine in any of her classic designs with a contemporary flair such as this Freshwater Mini Chandelier ($120) or these stunning Sterling Heart Earrings with 3 Pearl drops ($110).

If “not too serious” is where you’re at at the moment, newcomer Jennifer Kellogg’s elegant jewelry with a sense of humor might be just perfect for now. Be sure not to miss the trompe-de-oeil triple black diamond enamel pendant ($750) or the witty 18k white diamond pave ring ($970).

Only Turkish-born and NY-based Gurhan Orhan of the Gurhan Collection designs exclusively in 24k gold, using hand-hewn metalsmithing techniques born over 7000 years ago. Join the celebs and European royals who collect Gurhan by wearing these distinctive 24k rings studded with diamond, rubies, emeralds, sappires, tanzanite and other stones ($520-700 each) alone or as a group! / Issue 47 - September 2482
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