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When I first met her she was known as Miss Pamela, a member of the very first all-girl rock band to rule LA, the GTO’s. Blonde, beautiful and vivacious, she was everywhere, charming film directors and rock stars alike with her intelligent, sexy being. Playmate to the Superstars of rock ‘n roll, Pamela called herself a Groupie and was always with the band, the hottest band, and always having fun. Eventually, she married rock icon Michael Des Barres, and had a son.

Eventually, she wrote a book about her wildest days called “I’m With The Band”, which became a huge best-seller. The recent film, “Almost Famous” starring Kate Hudson, is loosely based on experiences that Pamela describes in her book. Since then, she’s continued to write- several new books, plus scads of highly respected articles published in top magazines around the world.

When I saw her last, just a few weeks ago in Los Angeles for her god-daughter Polly Parsons moving tribute to her father Gram Parsons, backstage, with the sound of his song “Sin City” resonating around us, she told me the fateful news, “I have breast cancer!” Never one to say die, she asked if I’d be interested in publishing a journal of her treatment, her experiences, told from the heart and as it happens.

As I looked at this sexy, beautiful woman, I was reminded of how vulnerable we are to this dreadful disease, even those most full of life, like Pamela. So here’s her story, unfolding as we publish it. We hope it comforts you if you are sick, or inspires you if you are not, to do what you can to help in the fight to find a cure for this deadly disease. / Issue 47 - September 2018
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