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By Trish McEvoy $16.00, Simon and Schuster

When I was growing up, my favorite place to be was perched on the counter of the bathroom, watching my Mother apply her daily makeup. Every compact, bottle and tube of lipstick worked its own magic, so when she was done, she looked as glamorous as any movie star. The prospect of having a cosmetics bag all my own someday left me impatient and in awe of the secrets of womanhood yet to be realized. For the first time in years, the same thrill overtook me when I first held a copy of renowned makeup artist Trish McEvoy’s new book, The Power of Makeup. in my hands.

The cover photograph, a perfectly luminous, deep red lipstick, peppered seductively with tiny beads of water looks good enough to eat. Inside, Ms. McEvoy shares her own love of cosmetics and their power to transform us, using step-by-step instructions, making it easy for anyone to achieve a professional, finished look.

Ms. McEvoy offers many great tips about applying make-up, from using the ring finger to apply concealer and foundation around the delicate eye area, to the pat and roll method of applying foundation to the entire face. The author designs her own brushes and emphasizes the need for a good set of one’s own, with just the right shape and texture. I’ve always wondered how actresses and models achieve that flawless “no-makeup” look, and now, I come to find out it’s all about the brushes and the application technique.

Loaded with gorgeous photographs and encouraging words from one of the most respected women in her field, this book is not only empowering, but it is beautiful enough to grace any coffee table and practical enough to help you achieve a whole new you. / Issue 47 - September 2018
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