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No, this ain’t no beach-based erotic thriller, it’s L.A. Rides Summer of Fun ‘05 second addition!

From just finishing some blazing un-credited behind the scenes work on “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” and Spielberg’s “War Of The Worlds”, and moving forward nicely on my own film projects “Brownstone” and Victory Red”, it looks like a hot summer ahead. We’ll soon be test driving the latest BMW 3 series sedan, as well as doing some serious research into how I can get myself one of those Batmobile’s that had me salivating so much in “Batman Begins”. Also, check out my film “Whacked”! on the Encore Action Network all this summer or on Netflix anytime.

Way back now - the 1970’s were a time of powerful American giants. They went roaming the highways with massive gas-guzzling V-8 engines gulping down leaded fuel-a gallon for every ten miles traveled. O.P.E.C and long gas lines put an end to these behemoths (giving us the Japanese car). Now, after a long hibernation, the era of the American V-8 has returned, albeit cleaner greener and even meaner.

Americans have gotten used to the thrust a V-8 offers in their SUV’s but now that the time of the SUV is almost over, the muscle car has been reborn! No longer the bastion of oil stained gear-heads, this powerful breed from our past has come full circle. And this time the family gets in on the action. In this era of high gas prices, global environmental concerns and a long hot summer ahead, I present to you my top “guilt free” guilty pleasures of the season. Big engines, big power and big fun… / Issue 48 - September 4483
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