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Here's the scenario: You need new tires, and you know they vary in price. You want good ones, but they all seem good to you. You sit there in the tire store and ask yourself why buy one tire over another. If you pay $80/tire, what are you not getting that a tire that costs $150 provides? What's the difference?


What's So "Grand" About Them: Provides a smooth ride and low noise level. High traction and higher speed ratings are also features of the Grand Touring Tire.

Driver it Suits: Experts say the type of tire you purchase is dependent upon the type of driver you are. Grand Touring tires are specifically designed for "original equipment," or the "normal driver", one who tends to obey speed limits and who does a lot of traveling. This tread is designed to last a long time.

Car it Suits: Sedans and coupes (Lincolns, Oldsmobiles, etc.)

A few popular brands include:

Bridgestone Turanzo Revo: These steel-belted tires are reinforced with a spiral wrapped nylon, which enhances ride quality and handling while they withstand high speeds and forces. This tire fits perfectly to its rim, giving the driver a smoother ride than probably any other tire on the market. Price: $74-$150

Michelin MXV4: Experts say it is almost virtually impossible to build a tire that meets all needs at once; however, they also agree that this tire seems to have actually done the impossible. / Issue 5 - September 2018
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