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My friend Sharon might be the only person in Nashville who doesn't care that the Titans played in the Super Bowl. "In fact," she informed me two days after the team won the AFC title, "I don't even care that there is a Super Bowl." And while the names Thigpen, Wycheck et al elicit blank looks from Sharon, they evoke markedly different reactions from the rest of the ladies in Music City.

Yes, we care about the Titans. Why? Because they're sexy. What makes them so sexy? The Titans have all the bases covered...or perhaps I should say that when it comes to sex appeal, the Titans are converting all their third downs.

Let's start with the obvious: tight pants. First and foremost, that's what grabs your attention. I don't know about you, but Frank Wycheck in spandex is exactly what I have in mind when I think about a tight end.

But there's more to sexy than guys in good shape wearing tight pants:

Bruce Matthews is sexy. He's played in the league for 17 years, and this is his first Super Bowl. He's played more games than any other offensive lineman - considered the most physical position in the game. He's never missed a game, despite being pounded relentlessly week after week, earning him the title "Iron Man". He's got staying power. Stamina - that's sexy.

Neil O'Donnell is sexy. Subbing for an injured Steve McNair for five games this season, the back-up quarterback quietly yielded the starting spot when McNair returned. The media tried to get O'Donnell to say something negative, that he should still be starting, but instead, he told them he's a team player, and if McNair's ready to start, he'll be right there cheering him on. Classy? You bet. Sexy? Definitely.

Yancey Thigpen, Marcus Robertson and Barron Wortham are sexy. Robertson broke his leg during the AFC Championship. Instead of whining and moaning, he chose to devote himself as "personal coach" to Anthony Dorsett, who moved up to his starting spot for the Big Show. Very sexy. Thigpen was a model of positive thinking in the week leading up to the game, hoping to overcome a hairline fracture. He wasn't able to suit up, yet his confident outlook inspired us to hope for the best. Very sexy. In addition, Yancey Thigpen and Barron Wortham have the sexiest names in pro sports, no doubt inspiring countless romance writers into a bodice-ripping frenzy. / Issue 5 - July 2018
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