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She leaps, she flips, she soars……and she’s doing her own stunts! How does Charlize Theron, playing the eponymous “Aeon Flux” do it?

“Aeon Flux” began as an animated series originally created by Peter Chung as part of MTV’s “Liquid Television.” In 1991-‘92, “Aeon Flux” debuted as a series of two-to-three-minute short films. Later, in 1995, MTV aired ten 30-minute animated episodes.

Now Paramount Pictures has brought the animated series to the big screen, placing “Girlfight” director Karyn Kusama at the helm, and has cast the very hot Charlize Theron as the vengeful top operative in an underground rebellion against the dictatorial leaders of Bregna-a walled city placed 400 years in the future. “Aeon is ruthless-all she cares about is the mission,” says Theron. “She gave up the idea of a normal life long ago-she is a professional killer. As far as she’s concerned, she’s on the planet for one reason: to avenge the murder of her family.”

According to Producer Gale Ann Hurd, “The animated Aeon Flux is a provocative, sexy and acrobatic character-and she isn’t bound by the laws of man or nature.” “No one else could have played this role,” says Kusama. “We needed someone who had an incredible physical grace and strength, but not an over-muscular kind of strength. / Issue 50 - September 4776
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