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Hi, I'm Jake.

My dad's pushy girlfriend talked him into buying me a while back for $70. He even tells people he didn't want me at first. But it sure didn't take long for him to warm up to me. It all turned out for the best, though - he kept me and got rid of her. After I'd been with him for only three days, I got pretty sick. So what if my medical bills cost him $700? I'm a good dog. I think my dad would agree that that is a small price to pay for a "best friend." Now, I'm good as new.

I may not be a show dog, but I definitely do my share of showing off. I follow my dad just about everywhere he goes. My last appearance was at the CMT Flameworthy Awards where all the hottest celebrities came over to me to give me a friendly pat on the head.

When I'm not out schmoozing with all the famous people my dad hangs out with, I'm wagging my tail to his catchy tunes. His last song was a pretty big hit, but the rest of that stuff on his album . I don't know what he was thinking! All that talk about love really turns my stomach. Whatever. Everybody knows that I'm the real star in the family anyway.

Who am I?

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