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In the 16th century, wallpaper was first developed as a luxurious (craftsmen hand-painted the patterns) form of decoration in the homes of a privileged few. With the invention of the printing machine in 1839, wallpaper became easier to produce for the masses. Now, in 2005, London-based Places and Spaces has invited designers to create modern wallpaper designs in the tradition of those early craftsmen. “Our aim was to re-appropriate pattern for today, designing wallpapers that are refreshing and adventurous while still paying tribute to traditional patterns and printing techniques,” says Laura Slack.

Places and Spaces offers many design and color choices, and it’s difficult to choose a favorite. However, in our opinion, the lyrical beauty of the Swallows, Bees, and Butterflies patterns in which tiny specks morph into swarms of delightful insects and birds in repeating, circular patterns, wins top honors. Available in various colors

Wallpaper rolls are 10m x 52cm and the price is £60.00, which is about $108. For more info on Places and Spaces wallpaper and other home furnishings products and accessories, visit


The Dutch designer of Bloom! Flowerpots has taken the classic design of a terracotta flowerpot and illuminated it. Bloom! Flowerpots are made of recyclable high-grade plastic and feature four LED internal lights functional with indoor and outdoor lighting systems. The pots are hard-wired so they easily plug into any outlet. They are durable even in the winter, waterproof, energy efficient while providing consistent light, and they come in a wide selection of colors. Each pot draws a maximum of four watts in the Original Bloom! (23", $199 plus shipping) and 10 watts in the Junior Bloom! (16", $199 plus shipping).

To place an order, visit or call 1-866-75BLOOM.


Dutch manufacturer Leolux’ motto is “Dreams for Individuals,” which it provides in the form of stylish contemporary furniture of the highest quality and comfort. Leolux-one of Europe’s most well-known designer furniture manufacturers-showcased some of their 2005 novelties, the flexible Chaise Longue Akka, the Howlo sofa and the rocking chair Canguroamong our favorites. In addition to these eye-catching novelties, Leolux showed off their classic contemporary pieces, including the award-winning Pallone and Hemingway chairs. As always, Leolux’ collection is “visual art as eye-candy”.

For more info on the 2005 Leolux furniture collection, visit / Issue 52 - September 2018
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