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The Many Joys of SEX TOYS: The Ultimate How-to Handbook for Couples and Singles

By Anne Semans, Broadway Books, $12.95

Have you got a stash of batteries languishing in your freezer? That might not be the case for long after you have read The Many Joys of SEX TOYS. Anne Semans, author of numerous books on sexual fulfillment, educator and proprietor of “Good Vibrations”, a sex-toy shop in San Francisco, takes the “Oi” out of sex toys in this fabulous how–to guide.

In the “Learn” section of the book, Semans explains the basics from where to purchase various tools of titillation, to which work best, to how these user-friendly tools can cure a sexual rut or inspire your sexual confidence. The “Play” section follows, which will clue you in to multiple orgasms, locating the G spot, and the incredible sexual adventures that await you when you quit being selfish (or shy), and share your toys with your partner. There is also a “Shop” section that helps you choose and then find the toys that are right for you, including stores that will fill your order anonymously if you’re uncomfortable shopping for them in person.

And did you know that there’s a website for ‘Vulva University’ ( which hosts free classes in female sexuality? Or a site that explores the humorous side of sex called Hoot Island ( These, and many sites of like mind, are listed at the back of the book along with recommended reading and videos (or DVD’s). This seemingly endless resource is unabashedly frank in it’s language and illustrations, and is peppered throughout with a collection of sex-toy erotica that will certainly give you a head start on the road to toe-curling, sexual satisfaction. Enjoy! / Issue 52 - September 2018
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