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I’m sitting in the doctor’s office, waiting to see Dr. Deborah Sherman, one of the nation’s leading ophthalmic plastic surgeons. After a short while, the door opens, and in steps a tall drink of water wearing a big smile and a stylish pants suit. Before beginning the interview, she suggests I touch the skin on her face-and not too surprisingly, it’s soft- as she would say, soft as a babies bottom. Dr. Sherman expresses herself deliberately, careful that she will not be misunderstood. Still, her words are often punctuated by engaging bursts of laughter and you cannot miss a certain twinkle in her eye. I find myself thinking that it might be a lot of fun to spend some time with her at the corner bar.

Born in Fort Worth, Texas, Dr. Sherman completed her ophthalmology residency at Vanderbilt University, and also completed a fellowship in ophthalmic plastic, orbital and reconstructive surgery at the University of Wisconsin. Dr. Sherman currently practices cosmetic and reconstructive eyelid surgery at the Sherman Aesthetic Center in Nashville, Tennessee. 

In addition to performing facial soft-tissue and bony reconstruction after trauma or tumor removal, Dr. Sherman provides a full array of cosmetic procedures including surgeries, BOTOX Cosmetic (botulinum toxin type A) treatment (She is considered a “master” BOTOX Cosmetic injector by her peers), a variety of fillers, light therapies and state-of-the-art skin care peels and topicals. She has been practicing medicine for 15 years; she currently employs 10 people, and performs from 14-18 surgeries a week.

Dr. Sherman also has received numerous community and civic awards for her volunteer work and for the last eight years she and members of her staff have traveled to impoverished areas of Mexico to perform reconstructive surgery on children and adults who have limited access to modern medical procedures.

I spent over an hour with Dr. Sherman discussing medical issues that women like you and I need to know. I’m certain that you all are as confused as I am when it comes to choosing the best skin care products, non-surgical cosmetic procedures, and possibly even surgical solutions that are best for ME, and YOU. Dr. Sherman has shared her truth about these issues with us. Here’s what she has to say……

1) How did you decide to become a doctor?

One of my friends in Texas, his father was an ophthalmologist. One day, I was invited into the operating room, and saw the meticulous detail of eye surgery. I caught the bug immediately and I’ve never been able to let go.

Now, I’m an ophthalmic plastic surgeon who specializes in plastic surgery around the eyes. It encompasses challenges with the aesthetic, so there’s the issue of both beauty and the need to reconstruct. So if you have a very meticulous personality like I do, they call me Dr. Deborah Detail, and yet an artistic side, those two merge in the field of Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery.

2) What kind of skin care should a woman in her 20’s to her 40’s adopt to keep her skin looking young?

First and foremost every woman needs a sunscreen that has UVA and UVB blockers, because if you can stop the sun’s harmful rays, you’re taking care of a lot of future sun damage and aging factors. I use a 60 SPF every day of my life. It really takes a commitment on a daily basis because everyday we’re out in the light photo damage wants to occur. Skin care is a lot about prevention and stimulation of new cells.

Around the age of 30, we start to lose the ability to exfoliate or lose our dead tissue, which tends to build up. So some type of glycolic or alpha hydroxy acid will take the dead layer off and leave our cheeks smooth as a baby’s bottom. As we get into our 40’s, we start to see discoloration and impurities like browns and reds, so there are cell stimulators such as vitamin C and bleaching agents such as hydroquinone that we can use. And Retin A tends to stimulate new cell growth and that’s what keeps us with that purity of complexion. There are even some new topicals such as Idebenone, that is one of the most powerful anti-oxidants that there is and its now available in a topical form called Prevage. Now there’s more than Oil of Olay. Now we have some science to skin care. / Issue 53 - September 4756
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