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THE WOMAN ROAD WARRIOR: A Woman’s Guide to Business Travel
by Kathleen Ameche $12.95, Agate,

Now that more and more women are traveling for business, many of us have found that men seem to have the inside scoop on travel perks and hotel accommodations. This made me wonder whether their natural affinity for business travel is wired into their DNA. But then I read Kathleen Ameche’s new book THE WOMAN ROAD WARRIOR: A Woman’s Guide to Business Travel and realized the error of my thinking. Women can learn how to navigate the straits of business travel as easily as their male counterparts. It was simply that nobody had clued us in to the tricks of the travel trade; that is, until now.

This excellent reference book starts with the basics, ‘Making arrangements and paying for them’. Everything from how to make travel arrangements, using a travel agent or going the Internet route, calculating your travel time and what kind of transport will be available to you upon your arrival, is covered here. Ameche guides us through the jungle of airline upgrades, choosing a rental car and a hotel, and she even gives specific advice on how to choose the perfect hotel room that is not too secluded (safety issues) and not too noisy (away from the ice machine, elevators or the hotel bar). Being assertive and getting what you require to be comfortable in your home-away-from-home is important, and she encourages us to be firm, while not being pushy or overbearing.

Bullet points, which are called “Ameche Tips” are peppered throughout the book, giving important information such as, “Security lines at a smaller airport may be longer than you expect” or “Be sure to remain calm and professional in any travel situation, but especially when you are dealing with someone regarding something that has gone wrong. Don’t allow yourself to be dismissed as ‘just another hysterical female.’”

Check lists are provided for packing, renting cars, choosing hotel rooms, and airline info, which will help any traveler, either novice or seasoned, get organized and remain efficient before, during and after a business trip. Guidelines on safety, tipping, upgrades, freebees and even parenting from the road round out this portable arsenal of travel tips. Don’t leave home without it! / Issue 53 - September 2018
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